How To Have Twins In Bitlife

When a character becomes pregnant in Bitlife, they may give birth to one child, twins, or triplets. As a male character, you can impregnate partners, strangers, colleagues, friends, etc. Female characters can also get pregnant by hooking up with strangers, co-workers, professors, etc. Males can have as many children as possible in one life. However, female characters can get pregnant once a year, and at the age of 40, the chances of giving birth are low. Giving birth to twins in Bitlife does not occur frequently. It happens at random and especially after the age of 40. However, some procedures can boost your chance of having twins, such as IVF and artificial insemination. Both cost a lot. You can take part-time jobs or a full-time job to afford these treatments.

In-Vitro Fertilization

You can visit a local fertility clinic to get this procedure. Getting IVF is expensive. Therefore, you must have enough money to get this procedure. You can access this tab only when you have a partner. Most times, your partner will not be interested in getting IVF. There’s no method of convincing your partner to get this procedure. If you’re lucky, you and your partner will get a successful round of IVF that will lead to pregnancy. When you age, you will find out if it’s a child, twins, triplet, or in unfortunate cases, a miscarriage. You may reset the app if you don’t get your desired result.

There is a high chance of having a successful IVF after the age of 40. Thus, if you’re looking to have twins in this game, this is the best age to get in-vitro fertilization.

Artificial Insemination

Unlike IVF, you don’t need a partner to get artificially inseminated. Only females can get this procedure. Artificial insemination in Bitlife involves consulting a local fertility clinic to find a sperm donor. After selecting a clinic, you will get a pop-up indicating the cost of the procedure, occupation, looks, and smarts of the anonymous donor. When satisfied with the stats, you may go ahead with the insemination. If your artificial insemination is unsuccessful, you may close the game immediately to avoid losing money. When you reopen the game, you can try to get inseminated again.

If you get artificially inseminated while you have a partner, they may argue with you about getting this procedure.

After age 50, you won’t be allowed to get IVF or artificially inseminated.

There is also another method of having twins without visiting the fertility clinic. When you or your partner become pregnant, age up, and if you don’t get twins, close the app, reopen it, and age up again. Repeat this method till you have twins.

If you don’t have enough money for fertility procedures, you can use this method.

Giving birth to twins in Bitlife depends on luck. However, you can increase your chance of having twins by visiting the fertility clinic to get artificially inseminated or IVF. Both procedures are costly. Getting artificial insemination is easier than IVF because your partner must agree before you can get a round of IVF. Unlike having triplets, giving birth to twins is easier to achieve in Bitlife.