How To Have Triplets In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can live for generations if you have bitizenship. Without bitizenship, you cannot play beyond two lives. You can build generational wealth by passing your assets to your child and continuing life as that child. While growing up, your child may get diagnosed with illnesses from mild to severe, and it is up to you to take them to the doctor. Your child may also get in trouble, and you will have to parent them. After high school, if your child wants to further their education, they might ask you to pay their university tuition. Whatever option you select will affect your relationship bar. You can also perform different activities with your child.

Bitlife brings more realism to the game with miscarriages. A character can lose their baby through first-trimester and second-trimester miscarriages, blighted ovum miscarriage, molar pregnancy, etc. This bad news will reduce the happiness stat drastically. Miscarriages in Bitlife are common with women above 40 years.

As a female character, you can give birth to a child, twins, or even triplets. When you become pregnant, you can keep the baby or remove it.

Male characters can get partners, coworkers, and strangers pregnant. If someone you are not dating becomes pregnant, the game might notify you, and you can ask them to keep the baby or remove it. Your partner may also give birth to a child, twins, or triplets.

Giving birth to triplets is a rare occurrence, and there is an achievement for completing this feat. This incident happens randomly, but you can influence it by visiting the fertility clinic and getting IVF with your partner or getting artificial inseminated – for females.

Getting In-Vitro Fertilization

Female characters can only get this procedure when they have a male partner. This technique involves fertilizing the eggs by the sperm outside the body. This method is an alternative for women with infertility issues. There is a high chance of giving birth to triplets with this method.

Getting IVF with your partner in Bitlife is difficult. Most times, your partner will not want to get this procedure with you, which is frustrating. There is no known solution to convince your spouse to get an IVF. You have to keep trying and hope they agree. You can buy them gifts, spend time with them, and perform activities that improve your relationship.

This procedure has a high success rate after the age of 40. You can only get IVF once a year. Therefore, if your partner agrees to this procedure but isn’t successful, you can close the game and reopen it or age up, then try again.

In-vitro fertilization is expensive. Thus, you need to have money to start this procedure. When you or your partner becomes pregnant, the baby will be born when you age up.

Getting A Sperm Donor

This method involves introducing sperm into the uterus. Unlike in real life, getting artificial insemination in Bitlife seems easy. You can receive sperm from an anonymous sperm donor. You will view their occupation, looks, and smarts. You may get the procedure or change your mind.

Getting artificial insemination is costly, and only female characters have access to this option. The success rate of this procedure is high, and you might get twins or triplets using this method.

Note: once you turn 50, you won’t be able to get IVF or artificial insemination.

To ensure you get the desired result. When you age, if you don’t get triplets, close the game, reopen it, then age up to try again. You can repeat this procedure till you get triplets. When you have triplets, you will unlock the achievement.