How To Go To Law School In Bitlife

The judge and lawyer positions are careers that require higher education and high smarts. Becoming a lawyer or judge requires patience. After working for 30 years as a lawyer, you can apply for the role of a judge. To join this career, you must complete law school. This guide will walk you through how to go to law school in Bitlife.

Having High Smarts

There are four main stats in Bitlife, with each serving its purpose. Your character must have high smarts to get into law school. Some characters are born with very low smarts and some with high smarts. You can customize your character’s smarts if you have god mode.

You won’t get accepted into law school if your smarts stat is low. Therefore, you need to increase this stat. Reading books and going to the library will increase your smarts.

If your character has high smarts, you must be careful, as wrong choices can reduce smarts.

Selecting A Major At The University

After graduating high school, you can apply to the university. Criminal justice, English, finance, philosophy, and political science are the only majors that qualify you for law school. If you don’t find any of these majors, you may reset the app or age up and try again. Once you have selected your major, you will choose how you will pay for university. Getting a scholarship depends on luck. Thus, take part-time jobs in case your application gets rejected.

After enrolling in the university, you can join an extracurricular activity or rush into a sorority or fraternity to assist in getting a scholarship for law school. You should also have high grades if you want to get a scholarship to study in law school.

Applying To Law School

When you graduate from university, apply to law school. If your smarts are high, you will get accepted. You can apply for a scholarship, ask your parents to pay, pay with cash, or apply for a student loan. If you apply for a loan, you can take part-time jobs to pay your student loan. However, you must pay attention to your stress level to avoid high blood pressure.

After graduating from law school, you can apply for an entry position in the lawyer career. Joining this career will unlock the lawyer achievement if you have not gotten it. After working for 20 years as a lawyer, you will collect a lawyer career. You can also become a judge after 30 years as a lawyer. Becoming a judge will unlock the judge’s achievement. After 20 years in this career, you will also collect the judge career.

You can also go on the path of becoming a politician after law school. You may become a school board director, mayor, governor, or president. The politician job requires hard work and patience. Therefore, you have to be dedicated if you want to join this career.

Law school is one of the schools you can apply to in Bitlife. Completing law school is a requisite for becoming a lawyer and a judge. To qualify for law school, you must have high smarts and a degree in political science, philosophy, finance, criminal justice, or English. These are the qualifications required for law school.