How To Go To Business School In Bitlife

Business school is one of the higher education you can seek after University. To attend this school, you must have high smarts and a degree in accounting, economics, English, finance, information systems, mathematics, or marketing. Business school lasts for two years. When you complete this education, you can get a job in a corporate career. Business school is one of the requirements to become a CEO. You also need 15 years of work experience to get into the executive career. This guide will walk you through attending business school.

Having High Smarts

When creating your character, you can adjust your smarts if you have god mode. You can also randomise it by starting new lives until you get one with high smarts.

After starting a new life, you can improve this stat by:

  • Reading books: from age 6, you may select a book to read. At this age, you will only have the option to read children’s picture books. This genre has 22-52 pages. You will get a pop-up of the author, genre, and pages. After reading it, your smarts may increase depending on the genre of the book. If you give a mouse a cookie and the giving tree are children’s picture books that massively boost the smarts stat.
  • Visiting the library: you can visit the library to increase your smarts. However, this method is not always effective because your stat may not go up.

  • Watching a documentary: you can go to the theatre to see a documentary. If you don’t find one to watch, you can age up and try again.

Applying To University

After graduating high school, you may get a pop-up of what to do next. You can go to university, look for a job, enlist in the military, or take some time off. You can major in economics, finance, accounting, information system, mathematics, English, or marketing at the university. You may apply for a scholarship, ask your parents to pay, apply for a student loan, or pay with cash (if you can afford it). After enrolling, you can join an extracurricular activity and sorority/fraternity to help you get a scholarship for business school. Having high grades will also assist in achieving this.

Getting Into Business School

Once you complete university, you can seek higher education and apply to business school. When you get accepted, you have to choose your method of payment. If your parents are generous enough, they will agree to pay your tuition. With godmode, you can adjust your parent’s generosity. If you take a student loan, get a part-time job to avoid a negative bank balance. After enrolling in business school, age up till you graduate.

As a business school graduate, you can apply for jobs that have corporate in the bracket, such as computer programmer, lobbyist, accountant, financial analyst, etc. After getting the job you want, increase your job performance to keep getting promoted. To become a CEO, you need to have 15 years of experience and switch to the executive career as an Assistant Vice President. The CEO position takes years to achieve. However, you can reduce it by having a good job performance.