How To Go Fishing With Your Father In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can interact with your parents, partner, siblings, friends, etc. After you are born, you will have to wait a few years to perform activities with your relatives. There are different activities based on age and relationship status. The love tab in the relationship tab consists of activities that differ from relatives and friends. Likewise, children’s activities are different from those of adults.

You can increase your relationship with people you associate with through gifts, compliments, conversation, giving money, movie theater, and spending time. When you spend time with people, you can take them, or they can take you to perform different activities, such as bungee jumping, whale watching, kayaking, cliff diving, star gazing, basket weaving, axe throwing, fishing, etc. The focus of this article is how to go fishing with your father in Bitlife.

Starting A New Life

In Bitlife, you may start a new life; as an adopted child, through artificial insemination, through the traditional way, with an unknown father, with two mothers or fathers, etc.

You must have a father to go fishing with him. If you start a life without a father, you can select the main menu icon and start a new life. Repeat this till you start life with a father.

When you open the relationship menu, you can select a person or pet and interact with them. The different activities you can perform with your father are;

Ask For Money – if your father is rich and generous, he will give you money according to how old you are. This action reduces the relationship bar, and you can only use it limited times a year.

Compliment – this activity will improve your relationship stat if he appreciates it.

Conversation – you and your father can have a conversation about random things. If he agrees with you, your relationship will improve.

Doctor – when your father is old enough, you can take him to the doctor if he gets diagnosed with a disease.

Gift – you can gift your father varieties of presents at different costs. The best gifts to give are a bitizenship and Bitlife hoodie.

Give Money – your father might reject your money based on your age and the money amount.

Insult Him – unless you want to complete a challenge, there’s no reason to perform this action.

Movie Theaters – you can take your father to see a movie. Most movies in Bitlife have ridiculous names and are there for laughs. Sometimes, you may get a pop-up of someone asking to see a movie with you.

Spend Time – if you have a terrible relationship with your father, he might refuse to spend time with you. Therefore you should have an okay relationship with him.

Going Fishing With Your Father

As a child, you can only perform limited activities with your father. From age 3, you will get the option to have a conversation and spend time with him.

When you spend time with him, you will get random pop-ups of your father taking you to different places. If you are lucky, he will take you fishing on your first few tries, or you might have to spam this option multiple times. Your father might also take you cliff diving, which will unlock the cliff diver achievement. Spending time with your father will improve your relationship, but after spamming the option, you won’t get any increase.