How To Go AWOL In Bitlife

AWOL means absent without leave. It is an unofficial absence from a place of work. It is workplace misconduct and a punishable offence.

In Bitlife, you can go AWOL in the military. If you get caught, you will get a dishonourable discharge from the military.

To become absent without leave, you must check into rehab. This article will guide you on all you need to know about getting an addiction and going AWOL.

Joining The Military

You will unlock this menu in the occupations tab when your character is 18 years. After starting a new life, age up till you graduate high school. Avoid criminal activities and the police because this may disqualify you from the military. Also, keep your stats at a moderate level as it may influence whether you will get accepted.

There are five branches of the military in Bitlife such as army, airforce, navy, marines, and coast guard. You may either enlist or apply as an officer. To join, you only need high school qualifications. However, you must obtain a college degree to become an officer. After joining, you can work for a few years to get enough money for rehab.

Developing An Addiction

To go to rehab, you must get an addiction. There are three types of addictions in Bitlife;

  • Alcohol: you can get addicted to different ones, such as mai tai, tequila sunrise, bourbon, whiskey, bloody Mary, brandy, long island tea, etc. It is not as dangerous as drugs. But sustaining it for a long time will deteriorate your health and lead to death. Partying with a friend may lead to an alcohol habit.

  • Drugs: the different kinds are sleeping pills, heroin, morphine, Xanax, Vicodin, ecstasy, etc. This type is deadly, and you can die on your first try. It is also possible not to get addicted after trying it.

  • Gambling: visiting the casino and horse races often may lead to gambling addiction.

When you go clubbing, you may get offered drugs or alcohol. You can accept or reject it. If you take it, you may develop an addiction. Someone may also give you alcohol or drugs when you age up. It is advisable to go on the Mediterranean diet to preserve your health.

Going AWOL

Once you get an addiction while in the military, you can check into a rehab centre. After you select this option, you will get a pop-up of your current addiction. You can attend a 28-day program in a normal or luxury facility. As the name suggests, the luxury facility is expensive and has a better result. After choosing the one you want, you may get cured. If not, age up and try again.

If you don’t get this achievement, you can repeat the process of getting an addiction and going to rehab again. It is possible to complete it on your first try. However, it may take a few attempts to get it.

Once you get the achievement, you will get a dishonourable discharge pop-up. It will state the reason, rank, and years served. You may insult your commanding officer or wish them well. After getting discharged, you won’t get accepted if you try to join any military branch.