How To Get The Candywriter Achievement In Bitlife

Candywriter, LLC is a company responsible for famous mobile games, such as Bitlife, Doglife, and Catlife. It is located in Miami, United States.

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can get the candywriter achievement when you work for Bitlife. This achievement is vague as there is no hint on how to work for Bitlife. However, there is a method of accomplishing this. Your character must be born in Miami, United States, where candywriter headquarters is. Also, study a computer-related course and apply for a job with Bitlife as the employer.

Choosing Where To Live

The first step is creating your character. When you want to start a new life, select United States as your country and Miami as the city or place, you cannot emigrate to Miami because after choosing the united states, the game will randomly select a city. Therefore, you have to be born in Miami for this to work.

If you have godmode, you can adjust your smarts stat between 60-100%. You can also improve this stat by:

  • Reading books: this option is more effective than the others. You can get a massive boost when you read the right book.
  • Visiting the public library: selecting this option may increase your smarts if the enjoyment stat is high. It is less effective than the other methods.
  • Watching a documentary: when you visit the movie theatre, you can go and see a documentary. Unfortunately, this alternative is not reliable as you may not find a documentary to watch.

Applying To University

After graduating from secondary school, apply to University and major in information systems or computer science. If you don’t find these majors, close the game and reopen it to refresh the list. You may ask your parents to pay, apply for a scholarship, apply for a student loan, or pay with cash. Your parents will only agree to pay your tuition if they are generous. With God mode, you can modify your parent’s generosity.

When you enrol in university, you can rush to join a sorority or fraternity if you have high looks and smarts. Joining any society may save you the stress of answering an interview question and getting hired on the spot by your sister or brother.

Getting The Achievement

Once you complete university, apply for the position of app tester or Jr. App developer. The key to collecting this achievement is getting hired by Bitlife. When you select the job you want, you will get a pop-up of title, career, employer, salary, and education. The employer you are looking for is Bitlife. Do not apply to a position that has a different employer. Once you select it, you will get an interview question. Answer correctly to get the job. When you get hired, you will unlock the candywriter achievement.

After unlocking this achievement, you can complete 20 years as a mobile app developer to collect it. The highest position you can occupy in this career is an app designer. You can also acquire fame after some years as an app designer. To become a famous app developer, have a high job performance and good stats.