How To Get The Barbie Girl Ribbon In Bitlife

When you die in Bitlife, you will earn a ribbon based on your character’s life. There are many ribbons to collect, such as successful, thief, unlucky, loaded, cunning, famous, jailbird, Houdini, barbie girl, deadly, cat lady, hero, etc. Each one has its requirement.

Ribbons like thief, Houdini, deadly and jailbird can be confused for each other. To get the barbie girl ribbon, you must go under many knives. Unlike some achievements where you have to figure out what to do, this one is straightforward. However, achieving this ribbon takes consistency and hard work. You need to undergo numerous plastic surgeries in one life to complete this achievement. This guide will walk you through the steps of becoming a barbie girl in Bitlife.

Creating Your Character

The first step is to create a female character. You can choose to live anywhere. Your attributes and special talent do not affect this challenge. If you’re continuing your child’s life, leave a small inheritance to avoid getting another achievement. Live a crime-free life, stay away from drugs and alcohol, avoid too many lovers and diseases, don’t go to jail, and stay away from the casino and horse races.

You won’t unlock the plastic surgery menu until age 18. After completing high school, you may apply to University, get a job, enlist in the military, or take some time off. Don’t apply to University. Get a job like a baker, carpenter, painter, bus driver, farmer, housekeeper, etc. If you go to university and get a corporate job or one in the medical field, you may get academic, successful, or rich achievements. You can also take a part-time job to get more money. However, take note of your stress stat to avoid high blood pressure.

Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Once you have enough money, go to the activities tab, and locate the plastic surgery menu. The different procedures you can undergo are;

  • Botox: smooth out the wrinkles. This procedure is the cheapest one. You can get a botox as many times in a year.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift: improve your body’s proportion. You can only get a butt lift once in a lifetime.
  • Breast Augmentation: enhance your appearance. You can also get this surgery once in a life.
  • Eyelid Surgery: reveal your beautiful eyes. You can only get this procedure once in your life.
  • Facelift: look years younger. It is expensive, but there is no limit to how many times you can get it in your lifetime.
  • Gender Reassessment: your body and identity become one. Do not perform this surgery because you need to stay as a female to collect the barbie girl ribbon.
  • Liposuction: remove unwanted fat. You can perform this surgery two times in your life.
  • Nose Job: refine your facial aesthetic. It is a one-time surgery.
  • Tummy Tuck: contour your abdomen. You can only get it twice.

Get all the surgeries except gender reassessment in a year if you can. You can also split it over the years if you don’t have enough money.

After the main procedures, you can perform botox and facelift every few years. You can also undergo anyone each year if you are patient.

Keep ageing up and getting surgeries till your character dies. You will get the barbie ribbon if you die naturally. You may not get it if you get killed by someone, an animal, or from an overdose.