How To Get Special Careers In Bitlife

Special careers are an additional feature that introduces a variety of jobs with interactive gameplay. You can access this menu when your character is 18 years. The options in the occupation tab are;

  • Education: go back to school
  • Freelance Gigs: make some quick money
  • Job Recruiter: visit the job recruiter
  • Jobs: browse full-time job listings
  • Military: join the military
  • Part-time Jobs: browse hourly job listings
  • Special Careers: find a special career

In the special career menu, you can become an actor, musician, politician, pro athlete, street hustler, and mafia member. Before March 2022, the jobs in this category were free for all. However, after the actor job update, new players must purchase the packs to access it, while existing ones will have previous job packs for free. People that bought the bitizenship premium package before march 2020 will automatically receive free access to the boss mode, which includes the actor and future job packs. Therefore, to access the special careers, you must purchase boss mode or the job packs individually. It is advisable to buy boss mode because it includes all current and future content in this category.

The careers in this menu are;


You can become a famous tv or movie star with this career. Select acting as your talent when creating your character, and then take acting lessons from age eight until you graduate high school. At age 18, you can hire a talent agent to help secure roles for movies or tv shows. Once you get a contract, you can ask your agent to negotiate for more money. Keep your reputation high to earn more money.


Select crime as your talent and commit numerous crimes to get accepted to a crime syndicate. Each one has its notoriety and money stat. The six crime syndicates are the Irish mob, Russian mafia, Latin mafia, mafia, triad, and yakuza.


You can join a band or become a solo artist. Take music or instrument lessons from age 8, and keep practising till your skill is high enough. You can pick your career type and audition with any record label. If you perform well, you may get a contract to produce music in a genre.


With this pack, you can run for school board director, mayor, governor, or president/prime minister. It is advisable to go to law school and work as a lawyer for some years to avoid wasting money to make the ballot. Once you win the gubernatorial election, you will become famous.

Pro Athlete

Become a professional athlete by joining a sports team in high school or university. When you graduate, you may get drafted to go pro.

Street Hustler

This career is similar to becoming a mafia member. Keep working hard to scam people on the street. Doing this will increase your street smarts and unlock more activities to perform.

The unreleased job packs are;

  • Astronaut: leave earth and explore space
  • Business: start up, acquire, or lead a company
  • Dealer: start your very own weed empire
  • Model: become a professional fashion model
  • Vampire: rise from the grave and claim victims
  • Beekeeper: nobody asked for this