How To Get Rid Of Genital Herpes In Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulation imitates life and makes it better. In this game, you can escape real life and live a problem-free life, or you may live crazily and explore different reckless options. Just as in real life, there are numerous diseases and infections in Bitlife, from mild illnesses that can be treated by going to the doctor to deadly ones that can affect your character’s life. There are six goals to complete under the disease tab in the achievements menu:

  • Sickly- to get this achievement, your character needs to contract ten diseases in one life.
  • Addicted- sustain three addictions at once.
  • Bubonic plague- contract the bubonic plague.
  • Foam at the mouth- contract rabies.
  • Successful rehab- have an addiction cured at the rehab center.
  • Witchcraft- get cured of a disease by the witch doctor.

Some diseases are caused by aging and performing different activities like going to the gym and working on your sports skills. Some characters can suffer from cancer, epilepsy, hole in the heart, heart attack, or other untreatable diseases. Having unprotected sex is dangerous as you can contract STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B, and even genital herpes. Some of these diseases can be cured by visiting a doctor, while others do not have a cure. Genital herpes is a disturbing disease that can pass on to children during birth. If not treated, the health bar starts deteriorating. This walkthrough will guide you on how to cure genital herpes in Bitlife.

Contracting Genital Herpes

The only way to contract genital herpes in Bitlife is by hooking up with someone without using protection. A coworker, supervisor, friend’s partner, or a random person may approach you to hook up. You may also select the hookup option in the love menu to hook up with random people.

Hook up as many times till you get the symptom pop up.

You may ignore it, go to the doctor, chug some water, pray, or search the web. You have to go to the doctor to diagnose you. You may not have genital herpes on your first try. Keep hooking up with random people till you get the symptom scenario and get diagnosed with genital herpes.

Treating Genital Herpes

There’s only one way to treat genital herpes, which is by visiting the witch doctor. This option is risky as the witch doctor will offer you ridiculous and scary things to try, like monkey ejaculate, donkey penis, raw komodo dragon egg, lion’s blood, cobra venom, etc. If you try it, you may get cured, remain unchanged, or even worse, die.

Going to the witch doctor should be the last resort. Getting cured by the witch doctor will unlock the witchcraft achievement.

Visiting The Witch Doctor

To avoid having low health, go on the Mediterranean diet, then start trying different options offered by the witch doctor.

Getting cured by the witch doctor is by luck. There is no specific cure. What works for another player may not work for you, but it is advisable to focus on your health stat when visiting the witch doctor. After seeing this doctor, if your health deteriorates drastically, go to the gym, meditate, take walks, age up and try again. Some medications are less scary. Visit the witch doctor at least once a year. This is all you need to know about curing genital herpes in Bitlife.