How To Get Promoted In Bitlife

There are various types of jobs in Bitlife. In the occupations tab, you can get a full-time or part-time job, join the military, or go for a special career. The latter includes becoming a politician, actor, pro athlete, musician, member of the mafia, etc. Most jobs in Bitlife have ranks. To occupy the highest position, you must go through a series of promotions.

Getting a promotion in Bitlife is not as difficult as in real life. Some jobs will promote you regardless of your performance, like the military and those with many positions. However, to occupy the highest role, you must work harder.

There are two methods of speeding up your promotion. These techniques involve improving your job performance. If you have been wondering why you are not getting promoted at work, this article will guide you through all you need to know.

Increasing Your Job Performance

For full-time and military jobs, you can view your performance when you open the occupations tab. The two techniques for improving this stat are:

  • Working harder: one of the activities you can perform is to work harder. You can use this option once or twice every year. Keep working hard till the bar is full. Once your performance is good, you can use this option once every few years to maintain it.

  • Increasing your working hours: not all occupations have this option. You can adjust the number of hours you show up at work. This pop-up will display your salary and expected hours. The one you pick must be above your expected hours. It is advisable to choose 50/week because you can suffer high blood pressure if you go above 60. You can also reduce it if your stress level is high (unless your boss asks you to increase it). With this method, you don’t need to use the ‘work harder’ option because your performance will increase every year.

You can also try to increase your relationship with your supervisor. However, doing this will reduce your relationship with your teammates. You may get random work scenarios while ageing. Always pick the correct option because choosing the wrong one will decrease your performance stat.

Careers like magistrates, presidents, generals, archbishops, and airline captains may take years to achieve, even with high performance.

To get a promotion in the mafia, you must improve your notoriety and standing stats by murdering people and generating income for the family.

Improving Your Stats

If you are doing well at work without getting promoted, it might be because of a low stat. Some jobs require you to have high smarts, looks, health, or happiness. You can work on all of them if you are not sure of the one to improve.

  • Happiness: going on vacations, spending time with friends and relatives, performing activities in the mind and body category, going to the movies, posting on social media, etc.
  • Health: working out at the gym, taking walks, practising martial arts, meditating, going on a diet, etc.
  • Smarts: watching a documentary, scoring high on the memory test, reading a book, visiting the library, etc.
  • Looks: working out at the gym, visiting the salon & spa, getting plastic surgery, etc.