How To Get A Double-Platinum Single In Bitlife

The musician career is one of the job packs in Bitlife. To become a musician, you have to purchase this job pack. As a famous musician, you must release singles and albums to maintain your fame and earn royalties. There are four music certifications, gold, platinum, double platinum, and diamond platinum.


This certification is the easiest to achieve in Bitlife. A record must sell 500,000 units to be certified gold. You may get this certification immediately when you release music or after a few years.


Your record needs to sell 1,000,000 units to receive platinum certification.

Double Platinum

You must have sold 2,000,000 copies to receive this certification.

Diamond Platinum

You will receive this certification after selling 10,000,000 copies.

Like the other special careers, you need to work hard to become a musician. You must have high skill in singing or any instrument. Once you achieve this, you may look for a band to join or audition as a solo artist.

To audition – You will select your career type and then request an audition. If you pass your audition, you will get a contract to produce music in a genre. Unfortunately, you cannot choose your genre of music.

Once you become a musician, you must work hard to achieve maximum fame. As a starting musician, you have to record songs and albums to increase your fame. When your record label agrees to produce your music, you will get a pop-up indicating the success of your music. Some factors may influence the outcome you will receive.


If your popularity stat is high enough, the chances of having a record being certified gold, platinum double platinum, or diamond platinum is high.


Like most activities in this game, getting a double-platinum depends on luck. Your fame bar might be at the highest, and your song may perform moderately.

Genre Of Music

The genre of music you produce also affects the success of your record. Popular genres like rap and pop guarantee successful singles.

There’s also another way to get a double platinum record, but this method requires patience. If your fame bar is at a moderate level, release a song or album. Once your record label agrees to help you produce it, the following pop-up should be the record success. If it isn’t certified double platinum, don’t select OK. Close the app, reopen it and try again. Keep repeating this method till you get a double-platinum certification. Although, if your record is certified platinum, you can wait for a few years for it to be certified double platinum. To track the progress of your single, open the discography menu in your job tab. You can see how many copies each single or album have sold.

As a famous musician, you earn royalties each year from your music. You can also get more money by going on tours, putting on live concerts, writing books, doing TV commercials, posing for magazines, and promoting products on social media.