How To Get A Divorce In Bitlife

Relationships have ups and downs in real life and Bitlife. There are many reasons your marriage may fail in Bitlife, such as your partner cheating on you, getting pregnant with someone else’s child, asking for a threesome, nagging you to buy a house or car, or you might even be the problem. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you might want to go for the easy way out by murdering them and inheriting their net worth. But the downside of this method is you might get sent to prison for many years.

Another way to get rid of your partner is by divorcing them. This method is civil and does not involve the police. However, filing for divorce might lead to an equal division of assets, or one of you might get the shorter end of the stick.

Your spouse can also file for divorce, and you can beg to stay, insult, attack or wish them well. If you feel this move is unfair, you can sue them for ruining your marriage. You will walk away with a lot of money if you win the lawsuit. This article will guide you in getting a divorce without losing money.

Divorce In Bitlife

If you are wealthy and want to get married in Bitlife, it is advisable to make your partner sign a prenup. With godmode, you can reduce their willpower stat to make them agree to sign it. In most cases, they will argue or even break up with you if you demand a prenup. You won’t get this option if you are;

  • Eloping: you can elope with your partner if your relationship is good. This process saves money for hosting a formal wedding.
  • A royal or getting married into a royal family: you can’t ask your fiance/fiancee to sign a prenuptial agreement if any of you is a royal.

The reason for this agreement is to ensure that your assets will remain intact if you get a divorce.

To divorce your partner, go to the relationship menu, and open their profile. Select the divorce option and confirm the message. The following pop-up will indicate how the judge will share your assets.

The settlement may end up in two ways;

  • The judge will recognise your prenuptial agreement: in this case, the judge may order to settle it accordingly. With this option, your wife may walk away with debts if you are wealthier. The reverse might be the case if they have more money.

  • If there is no prenup between you and your spouse, the judge may order for equal division of assets. This ruling is unfair because if you have more money, your spouse will walk away with half of it. However, it is a sure method of getting rich if your spouse is wealthier. The only downside is your wealthy partner will most likely ask you to sign a prenuptial agreement. If you get married to a royal, the chances of walking away with half of their fortune are high.

Note: not all methods will work for you. Therefore, the best way to avoid losing money from a divorce is to murder your partner in Bitlife.