How To Get A Boating License In Bitlife

When you reach the age of 18 in Bitlife, you can go shopping for cars, properties, aircraft, jewelry, instruments, boats, or submarines. When you purchase a boat in Bitlife, you may change its name and perform different activities with this vehicle. When you take your boat for a ride, you may encounter trouble at sea. To buy a boat, you must have your boating license. In the license menu, you can take the boating test, the driving test, the pilot test, and attend flight school.

To take the boating test, you have to pay a small fee. You can get money from engaging in criminal activities, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, freelance gigs, etc. When you pass the boating test, you will get a license.

Making Money

The first thing you need is money. The price of boats varies with the condition and the type. You can purchase a boat for a million dollars. There are numerous jobs you can take to afford luxurious yachts. You can get a lot of money from inheritance if your parents are wealthy. You can also go down the fame path and earn a lot from commercials and posing for magazines. Some full-time jobs also pay well, such as a doctor, lawyer, judge, nurse, CEO, etc.

Taking The Boating Test

Unlike the driving test, which you can take for free from the ages of 15-19, you can take the boating test when you reach the age of 18. There are four options in the licenses tab, which are;

  • Boating license: when you pass this test, you can purchase as many boats as you want.
  • Driving license: if you pass this test when you first get the pop-up, your parents may purchase a car for you. Different jobs and activities require you to have a car. To buy a car, you must get your license.
  • Flight school: to take the pilot test, you must attend 40 hours of flight school. You can take one hour lesson or 10 hours.
  • Pilot’s license: after completing the required hours for flight school, you can take this test to obtain your pilot’s license. With this license, you can purchase different aircraft and get a job as a pilot.

When you select the boating license option and take the test, you will get a pop-up displaying an image. You must identify the image and select the correct answer to get your license. There are various boating questions, and the one you get depends on RNG. If you fail the boating test, you may close the game and reopen it. Doing this will not save your failed attempt.

After getting your license, you can shop for boats, yachts, sailboats, rafts, kayaks, etc. You may buy a new or used boat. Boats are expensive to maintain, and you can die from taking them on a ride. Unlike properties, the condition and value of vehicles decrease as you age.

There are also achievements to unlock after getting your license;

Not the yellow one: buy a submarine

Titanic trouble: run into trouble on a yacht. You can get this achievement by taking this vehicle on a ride.