How To Gamble In Bitlife

There are various methods of making money in Bitlife. You can go through the typical route of getting a job or committing criminal activities, such as robbing banks, burgling homes, joining the mafia, stealing cars, etc. Other methods are marrying for money, inheriting your parent’s money, winning the lottery, flipping houses, and betting.

Gambling means playing games in hopes of winning money. Sometimes it can be staking money on an activity to get more money. In Bitlife, there are two gambling methods such as visiting the casino and going to the horse track. When you frequent these places, you can develop a gambling addiction. You will need to visit the rehab to cure it. This walkthrough will guide you on how to gamble in Bitlife.

Visiting The Casino

You will unlock this option when you are 18 years. You can find it in the activities tab. When you go to the casino, you can pick which one to enter.  After selecting the one you prefer, you will get a pop-up to place your bet. It will display your bank balance, session earnings, and a slider to adjust your money. After choosing the amount, you can proceed to the next stage. You have to play a game of blackjack to win the money. There are only two people, you and the dealer. It is a game of luck.

To double the money you bet, you must not go over 21. The red card is for the dealer, while the black one is yours. You will start with two cards. Between the dealer’s cards and yours, you can view the number on your cards.

Your number must be over your opponent’s own but below 21 to win.

There are two buttons to use in playing the game:

  • Hit me: selecting this button will add to your number of cards. Be careful with your choice because you don’t want to go over.
  • I’ll stand: choosing this option means you have no moves left, and you are ready for your opponent to play.

Going To The Horse Track

This method is different from visiting a casino.  You must pay the admission fee to enter the horse track. After you enter, you can place your bet on a horse. You can also watch the races if you don’t want to bet. This activity will increase your happiness but not as much as winning money.

There are five horses, and you must pick one if you want to stake. The game randomly generates the horses, and there is no indication or clue on which one will win. It is luck-based. The good thing about this gambling option is that if you win, you will get five times the money you bet.

After making your selection, the following pop-up will display five horses about to race to the finish line. Once you click the start button, they will start to move. You cannot do anything to influence the outcome of the race. You can only hope for your horse to win.

If you lose a lot of money, your happiness will reduce to 0%. But you can avoid losing this stat by closing and reopening the game. However, this procedure does not bring back the money you bet.

Winning a horse race is more beneficial than visiting a casino because you will get 5 times your money.