How to Find a Unicorn in Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulator has so many features that keep the game exciting. Apart from playing for fun, there are careers to collect and achievements to complete. Presently, there are 153 careers and 189 achievements. The achievements are under sections, such as wealth, longevity, animal, career, crime, disease, entertainment, fame, fertility, etc.

Under the animal section:

  • Animal rescue – Rescue an animal.
  • Deaf leopard – Yell at a leopard.
  • Gorilla and the fist – get decapitated by a gorilla.
  • Hungry hippo – Get killed by a hippopotamus.
  • Lion tamer – Rescue a lion.
  • Unicorn – Find a Unicorn.

Each year when you age, you may come across a scenario. The scenario that comes up is usually random. Although, you can predict the pop-up that will appear the following year, such as graduating from school, giving birth, and scenarios associated with actor, politician, musician, and pro athlete job packs.

There are different animals you can find in Bitlife. You can adopt from the shelter and purchase exotic pets. You may also come across dogs, cats, and wild animals. When you encounter an animal, you may run for your life, keep it as a pet, try to rescue it, retreat slowly, or take it to the shelter. The options you get will depend on the type of animal you encounter.

How to find a Unicorn

Finding a Unicorn is very rare, almost impossible. There are no requirements for getting this achievement. The appearance of a Unicorn is random. You can keep aging up and going on walks in hopes that you find one. However, you can increase your chances of finding this mystical creature by reducing the pop-ups you receive each year.

Family, friends, partners, and pets contribute to the pop-ups you receive, like a friend asking for advice, a sibling feud, your child asking you to pay their tuition, a partner asking you to buy a car, etc. These pop-ups reduce your chance of having animal encounters. Although, getting rid of all relationships does not guarantee you will find a unicorn. It may help you complete another achievement that requires you to encounter an animal.

Once you get rid of all relationships, you will encounter more animals, and maybe if luck is on your side, you will discover a Unicorn. You may also take walks – in the mind and body activity – each year. When you take walks, you may get a random pop-up.

When you finally encounter a Unicorn, you can retreat slowly, run for your life, keep it as a pet, or take it to the shelter.

Unicorns live for long in Bitlife. A Unicorn can live for as long as 200 years.

They have a high value. You can sell a Unicorn for millions of dollars.

In the relationship menu, there are activities to perform with the Unicorn:

  • Bathe – give it a bath.
  • Release – release it into the wild.
  • Ride – go for a ride on it.
  • Sell – sell it.
  • Spend time – spend time with it.
  • Veterinarian – take it to the vet.

Finding a Unicorn is a rare encounter in Bitlife. There are also different animals you can encounter, such as butterflies, frogs, hippopotami, lions, gorillas, etc.