How To Enter The Witness Protection Program In Bitlife?

There are numerous achievements to collect in Bitlife – life simulator. In the crime section, you can earn the Cosa nostra, rat spotter, the program, balcony buccaneer, Bugatti bandit, godfather achievements, etc. The program achievement involves entering the witness protection program. This program provides security for someone that has agreed to give evidence about a crime. In Bitlife, when you enter this program, you will get a new identity which includes a change of name and country. To join the witness protection program, you must give sufficient information to the police about your crime syndicate as an informant.

Becoming A Confidential Informant

You must purchase the mafia job pack to become an informant for the police. To join the mafia;

  • Select crime as your talent when creating your character.
  • Commit several crimes to get accepted by a crime syndicate.

The crime syndicates in Bitlife are the Irish mob, Russian mafia, Latin mafia, silician or mafia, yakuza, and triad. Each one differs by its notoriety. You can use different methods to join a crime syndicate, such as waiting tables, delivering baked goods, doing yard work,  etc. A member of a crime syndicate can also approach you.

When you join the mafia as an associate, generate income for the family to improve your; notoriety, standing, and family relationship. To collect evidence against family members, you must have a good relationship with them. The higher your contribution and position in the family, the better your relationship with them. Stealing cars is the easiest way to generate income. You may get lucky and steal a Bugatti or an exotic vehicle that costs $2m+. After contributing, the family will give you a percentage. This percentage increases with your position in the crime syndicate.

Once you have a good relationship with some members, you may become an informant.

There are two methods of doing this;

Getting caught by the police: when you commit a crime and get caught, the police will charge you with racketeering, and the number of years you will face depends on your other crimes. The prosecution may offer a chance to walk free if you agree to provide evidence against your family.

Volunteering as an informant: you can contact the police and volunteer to give evidence to them. To become a soldier in the mafia, you must take an oath vowing silence and promising not to leave the family. If you want to leave the mafia without them finding you, select this option.

Entering The Witness Protection Program

When you become an informant, the police will give you a deadline to provide information.

Above your position and notoriety stat, you will have the confidential informant and evidence stat. You can fill the evidence bar by snitching on your family. To collect evidence,

  • Open the relationship option and select someone with a good relationship in your crime syndicate.
  • Scroll down to find the snitch option. When you choose it, you may get a pop-up showing the evidence stat. If this stat is low, you may reset the game and try again.

Collect evidence against people with high ranks. If you snitch against the crime boss, it will highly boost this stat. You can only collect evidence once per year.

When the evidence bar is at maximum, the authorities will contact you. You will get a pop-up informing you of the witness protection program. You can choose from two destinations or take your chances in your country.

The third option is risky because your crime family may find you and murder you. When you select the place of your choice, you will start a new life in that country, with a different name. You will also unlock the program achievement.