How To Develop An Addiction In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, your character can develop numerous diseases. Some of these diseases can get cured by a doctor, while some have no cure. In addition to contracting diseases, you can also develop an addiction. Addiction comes in various forms, such as alcohol and drugs. You can get addicted after frequently taking a substance or consuming it on your first try. After developing this habit, your health will depreciate. When this happens, you can visit the rehab. If you fail to overcome your addiction in the first year, your health will continue to deteriorate. Overcoming an addiction will increase the health and happiness stats. Based on the type of substance, you may die from excessive consumption. Dying from an overdose will give you the addict or stupid ribbon. This article will guide you on the types of addiction and how to develop them.

Types Of Addiction

There are three kinds of addiction you can develop in Bitlife;


This type of addiction is very deadly. If you’re lucky, you might live for a few years. You can also die on your first try. When you consume a drug, you might not get addicted. However, continuous consumption of different narcotics will deteriorate your health and lead to a habit. Examples include magic mushrooms, Ritalin, anabolic steroids, nitrous oxide, Xanax, ecstasy (MDMA), sleeping pills, PCP (angel dust), sleeping pills, Marijuana (weed), GHB, Vicodin, oxycodone, acid, cocaine (blow), Adderall, valium, mescaline, methamphetamine, opium, morphine, salvia, and cough syrup.

Some drugs are more deadly than others. There is a high chance of overdosing from drugs like heroin, opium, cocaine, morphine, etc.


Unlike consuming drugs, the chances of dying from excessive alcohol consumption are slim. You might not get addicted immediately after taking liquor. If you don’t cure this habit, you can still live for many years. Examples include champagne, tequila sunrise, pina colada, bloody Mary, mojito, negroni, Bahama mama, appletini, lager, wine, bourbon, vodka, rum, brandy, beer, gin, scotch, cognac, whiskey sour, tequila, Alize, red bull, mimosa, margarita, lemon drop, Manhattan, gin & tonic, daiquiri, Singapore sling, long island iced tea, Mai tai, white Russian, Moscow mule, and cosmopolitan.


You can get addicted to gambling after visiting a casino or betting on horses several times. Gambling addiction is not as severe as taking alcohol and drugs. You can cure this addiction by trying a hypnosis session at the rehab centre.

Developing An Addiction

The various methods of getting an addiction involve:

  • Partying with your friend: in the relationship tab, when you open a friend’s menu, you can party with them. After selecting this option, you may get an alcohol addiction pop-up.
  • Going clubbing: when you go to the club, you might get offered a drink or drug. You can accept or reject the offer. If you take it, you may develop an addiction.
  • Ageing: you may get random pop-ups when you age up in Bitlife, such as encountering an animal or a person offering you a drug or alcohol.
  • Going to the horse races and visiting the casino: excessive betting at a casino or on horses will cause gambling addiction.

If you’re looking to complete a challenge or unlock an achievement, having low willpower and discipline stats will help you develop addictions faster.