How to Cure High Blood Pressure in Bitlife

So, today we are here to learn how you can cure high blood pressure in bitlife. You get high blood pressure in bitlife when your stress level is maximum and your stress level bar is in the red zone. To cure high blood pressure, you first need to get high blood pressure. In order to get high blood pressure, you need to get another part-time job along with your current job to increase your stress level and now you have to age up. Once your stress level is maxed out you will be diagnosed with high blood pressure, which is bad because your bitlife character can, unfortunately, die if you don’t do the treatment of high blood pressure in bitlife.

source: Melcheko

As you have now been diagnosed with high blood pressure in bitlife, we will now see how you can cure high blood pressure step by step in bitlife. There are different methods by which you can cure high blood pressure. You can cure high blood pressure by yourself and by going to the doctor as a doctor is going to treat you with medication in bitlife. So, let’s get it started.

Things you need to do in order to cure high blood pressure in bitlife.

  • Resign from your part-time job.
  • Do meditation as much as possible.
  • Do running.

Table of Contents

Step 1

Firstly, you have to resign from your part-time job, So, you can lower the stress level of your bitlife character, you usually do part-time jobs in bitlife in order to get bigger salaries. For this go to your occupation tab and tap on your part-time job and resign your part-time job in bitlife. And you can already see that your stress level bar is in the green zone.

Step 2

After you have resigned from the part-time job it is time to take care of your body and become physically fit, so when you are physically and mentally healthy you don’t suffer from high blood pressure. By doing some meditation 2 times a day and speed walking for 2 hours we are going to make our character healthy and safe in bitlife. You also have to look out that you don’t get a heart attack from speed walking so select your pace and timing wisely. To do it tap on activities, go to mind and body, first meditate and now again come to the same field and go for a walk select your pace as speed walk and time as 2 hours.

And there you go; this is how you cure high blood pressure in bitlife. Curing high blood pressure is crucial for your bitlife character, as with time when you age up your character in bitlife will unfortunately die.

Note: – Meditation is a key in order to cure high blood pressure in bitlife. So, make sure you don’t miss out on doing more and more meditation.

[All images source: Melcheko]