How To Cure Diseases In Bitlife

Various factors can affect your character’s lifespan in Bitlife, like diseases, addictions, getting killed by an elementary pupil, or even lightning. Some diseases develop by themselves, while some are consequences of an action like going to the gym, eating a specific food, having unprotected sex, using the tanning bed, or trolling Bitlife on social media. You can get ringworm, athlete’s foot, staph infection, flu, common cold, or tapeworm when you work out at the gym. Food poisoning, diarrhoea, and constipation result from eating some food.

When you get a symptom pop-up, you may ignore it, pray, drink a smoothie, search the web, or go to the doctor. When you visit the doctor, you will get diagnosed, and you can treat your disease. The cost of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. However, some countries have free healthcare, like the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Canada, etc. There are other ways to cure a disease in Bitlife without seeking western medicine. This guide will walk you through all the options for getting rid of a disease.

Visiting A Doctor

When you age, you can randomly develop a disease. Some can get treated by taking western medicine, while some have no cure. The different doctors in Bitlife are;

  • Alternative Doctor: in this option, you can get acupuncture, seek musculoskeletal relief from the chiropractor, get your colon cleansed, or seek homoeopathic medicine. These doctors can cure scoliosis, arthritis, hay fever, bunions, high blood pressure, kidney stones, migraines, etc. You can also visit them if your health is low.

  • Doctor: once you get a symptom, you can schedule an appointment with a western doctor. This personnel is the first in line if you get any disease. You must pay a consultation fee and choose from two doctors. If you have more than one illness, you can select which one to treat. However, this type of doctor cannot treat all diseases, while some have no cure. You can cure less severe illnesses like flu, measles, common cold, pneumonia, food poisoning, diarrhoea, and some sexually transmitted diseases when you visit this specialist.

  • Emergency Room: this option is for improving your health. If you get into an accident, detonate a mine, or get attacked by someone, you can use this method to boost your stat.

  • Psychiatrist: This doctor helps with mental conditions. When you visit the shrink, you can pay for counselling or shock therapy. The latter is more expensive and will reduce your health. You can cure depression, anxiety, or PTSD by visiting a shrink.

  • Witch Doctor: this doctor should be your last option. If your disease is not life-threatening, it is advisable to avoid this treatment. However, there is an achievement for the witch doctor curing a disease. When you open this option, you will get a pop-up of this doctor offering you something inedible, such as cow urine, sheep testicles, monkey ejaculate, raw Komodo dragon egg, human placenta, green bubbling liquid from a cauldron, cobra venom, chihuahua hair, donkey penis, etc.

If lucky, you may survive it, but your health will deteriorate. You can also die on your first try. It is advisable to visit the witch doctor only once per year. You can get rid of genital herpes, HIV, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, schizophrenia, etc.