How to complete the RankLife Challenge in BitLife

So, today we are going to complete the rank life challenge in bitlife. It is a very simple challenge made for bitizens. And it is very different from the other challenges in which you have to complete several tasks in order to complete the challenge. Rank life challenge is not just about downloading the app, in order to complete this rank life challenge, you actually have to spend some time on the app. Play a few rounds and complete some achievements on whatever device you are using either IOS or Android. So, let’s get it started step by step.

Things you need to do in order to complete the rank life challenge in bitlife are mentioned below.

  • Download rank life from Appstore or google play store.
  • Play rank life or spend some time experiencing the application.
  • Collect your rewards in bitlife.
  • If the game is not available in your country, you can simply use any VPN and then download the game. There are several free VPNs available on the Appstore and Google play store as well.

Table of Contents

Step 1:

Ok so first open the challenge tab by tapping on the live banner on the top right side of your screen and simply tap on the download link mentioned there in order to complete the rank life challenge. Rank life is available on both IOS and Android devices you can download the app from the relevant store depending upon which device you are using.

source: Bitlife Champion

So, once you tap on the download link, the link will directly land you onto the Appstore (And on Google play store in case you are using an android device, today here we are using the IOS device) where you can download the rank life application. Tap on get and download the app on your phone.


Once you have downloaded the rank life application on your phone, now it is time to launch the app simply tap on the app. When you launch the app, tap on agree to the privacy policy of the app.

Now spend some time experiencing the app, do random tasks, and complete some achievements in the rank life application, in order to complete the rank life challenge in bitlife.


As you have spent enough time on the rank life application and completed some tasks and achievements, now it is time to close the app and launch your bitlife application. Once you have launched bitlife, there you go, your rank life challenge is now completed. This task is super easy to do and can be done in a very short period of time.

Now to get rewards for completing the rank life challenge in bitlife, just tap on continue, and then you will see mystery prizes on your screen. A mystery prize is going to randomly pop up on your screen, and there is your reward for completing the rank life challenge in bitlife.

[All images source: Bitlife Champion ]