How to Complete the My Way Challenge in Bitlife

Today we will learn how to complete my way challenge in bitlife. To complete this challenge in bitlife we have to complete some tasks which are mentioned below. So, let’s get it started step by step.

  • Be born a male in New Jersey.
  • Become a famous solo artist.
  • Join the Italian mafia.
  • Acquire $1m+ in lifetime casino earnings.
  • Have 2+ albums hit double platinum or higher.

Step 1:

The first thing we have to do is to be born in Newark, as Newark is in New Jersey, and we also have to be born a male so you can’t forget that. Pick the music special talent for this if you have G-mode, if not you just have to get lucky.

source: Melcheko

Step 2:

The next thing we have to do is to become a famous solo artist. So, to do that let’s just age up and when we are eight years old let’s just go to activities, mind and body tab, and start voice lessons, ask your mother for consent and she agreed. Let’s take voice lessons three times every year.

Note: – Make sure your parents are generous

At 14 years old we got our voice skill maxed, so, we can just age up to 18 without going into voice lessons again because if you do more voice lessons once you have maxed out it actually has the potential to go back down.

Now that we are 18 years old let’s just go to occupation, special careers, musician, solo artist singer and it doesn’t matter what record label it’s just requests and audition.

if you have a bad audition just back out of the app and then come back. Once you get a good performance and a record contract in the famous genre just sign the contract and after one year, we have already got famous.

To get double-platinum albums you just have to keep on aging once you get to 100% fame just go on tours every year to keep your fame maxed out, and then you want to get to work and then pick up some random work.

This scenario is also crucial you want to answer this best. Let’s just say awesome, thank you. And there you get a diamond hit

Now repeat the process, keep doing the tours and then choose to do my own studio album and there you go double platinum.

Step 3:

Now we have to join the Italian mafia. Do some crimes and after that go to organized crimes, mafia deliver packages and there we go we join the mafia right away.

Note: – You can’t join a mafia if you are a singer, so just quit singing.

Step 4:

Now we have to acquire 1 million plus lifetime earnings. Let’s go to the casino and bet one million dollars and deal with them and 17 I’m going to stand right there and there we go, we won on the first try.

Let’s just leave the casino, and my way challenge is completed now.

[All images source: Melcheko]