How to complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

Today we are going to learn how to complete the brains and beauty challenge in bitlife. In this you have to complete multiple tasks and show cast yourself with both brain and beauty, reading a Frankenstein and having two high stats. So, let’s get it started step by step.

Things you need to do in order to complete the brains and beauty challenge in bitlife are mentioned below:

  • Become a model.
  • Become a brain surgeon.
  • Read Frankenstein.
  • Have 100% smarts.
  • Have 100% looks.

Step 1:

The first thing in brains and beauty challenge in bitlife is to become a model and it is super easy to do. So, let’s just go to occupation, and jobs and then scroll down to find a job as a model. So, we have a foot model here. Let’s just apply for this position.

source: Melcheko

Once you applied for the foot model position, you will be interviewed just to answer the question and crack the interview. When you get a job, you don’t need to age up or do anything else, you could just quit in order to complete the next step.

Note: – Make sure you start your new life as a girl, because it is easy to get selected for modeling jobs when you are a girl.

Step 2:

When you quit the job as a model, the next step is to become a brain surgeon. For that, you just want to go to university first and then pick something which is related to the medical field, here we have selected nursing. Apply to university and make sure you study hard every year because you definitely don’t want to fail in your degree, and it also helps you with boosting your smartness.

So, let’s just age up a little bit more than once you graduate, you just want to seek higher education to go to medical school.

And then once you graduated. Now we have to find a job, go to occupation, jobs and find a brain surgeon. Applying for the position and answering the interview, we selected music here. And there we go we landed a job as a brain surgeon.

Step 3:

Now we want to have 100% looks, for this, we have to get plastic surgeries. Go to activities, plastic surgeries and we selected Botox here, get the surgery. The surgery was successful and we have 100% in looks now.

Step 4:

Now we have to read that Frankenstein book. Let’s get to activities, mind and body tap on books, keep looking for different books unless you find Frankenstein book and there you go, read it. This book has 335 pages on IOS you have to read it manually and for android users, you can use those auto clicker apps or just read it manually.

Step 5:

To get 100% smarts you just keep reading more books to complete the challenge.

And there you go brains and beauty challenge is completed now.

[All images source: Melcheko]