How to Complete a Deadbeat Dad Challenge in Bitlife

Today we are going to complete a deadbeat dad challenge in bitlife. In deadbeat dad challenge we have to become a father. Today we are here with Droop Johnson.

Things you need to do to complete a deadbeat dad challenge in bitlife:

  • Become a father
  • Never have a full-time job
  • Abandon 2+ children from different mothers
  • Gamble away a lot of money
  • Have your house repossessed
  • Reconnect with an estranged child

Step 1:

First thing we got to do is to have a kid. So, let’s just go over here with Droop Johnson girlfriend named Asia and have a child really quick.

Here we had a baby boy named Yusef Johnson.

Step 2:

We also have to abandon two plus children from different women. So, we might as well just abandon this first child named Yusef Johnson.

Step 3:

And then find a new girlfriend and have another child. Here we are going to make a baby with Droop Johnson girlfriend named jade.

There we go this baby girl is going to be named as Kaelyn Johnson.

Step 4:

And of course, we are going to abandon her as well.

Step 5:

Since we are now 18 years of age, we are going to get a part-time job now.

Note: – Do not get a full-time job, because that is against the rules of deadbeat dad challenge.

Step 6:

And now we are going to just age up a little bit, here we got up to 26 years old and we have 188 thousand dollars just from this part-time job.

Step 7:

Now let’s go buy a house, here instead of buying a house with cash, we are going to apply for a mortgage. Let’s get this Ranch-Style and there we go, now we are the owner.

Note: – If a bank declines your mortgage than go find something cheaper.

Step 8:

Now we have to gamble away a lot of money for this challenge. Let’s just bet the maximum amount lets deal them

and let’s go hits every time, 25 we bust and we lost all of our money.

Step 9:

If your part-time job still covers mortgage, you just resign from that job and then you’re not going to make enough money and then they are going to repossess your home.

Step 10:

So now let’s just gamble away money again and then let’s just age up some more and our house just got repossessed in the first year because we are not paying any bills. Let’s just cooperate with the bank, because you don’t want cops chasing you.

Step 11:

Last thing we have to do is to reconnect with an estranged child. And if each of them do not agrees to connect with you, then you have to keep sending them gifts to make your relationship with them is better.

Step 12:

If giving them gifts every year doesn’t make your relationship better, than here is a small hack: just back out the app and then come right back in, and there you go little appreciation. This process is tedious, but make sure you are giving good gifts to your children in order to make your relationship better with the kids.

Step 13:

After few more years of gift giving Yusef Johnson finally agreed to reconnect

There you go deadbeat dad challenge is completed now.