How To Collect Evidence As An Informant In Bitlife

To become a confidential informant in Bitlife, you must join the mafia. There are various crime syndicates you can join, such as the Irish mob, yakuza, triad, mafia, Latin mafia, and the Russian mafia. To become a soldier in the mafia, you must take an oath vowing silence and promising not to leave the family, which means if you stop reporting to the mafia, you may get killed. Therefore, the best way to quit the mafia is by entering the witness protection program. To join this program, you must fulfil your duties as a confidential informant. This article will guide you on how to collect evidence in Bitlife.

Joining The Mafia

When creating your character, select crime as your talent. This talent will reduce your chances of getting caught when you commit a crime. You will have access to most of the activities in the crime menu when you are 18 years. After engaging in different criminal activities, you may get invited to join a crime syndicate. You can also select the one you want, choose a method and try to join them. If you have committed enough crimes, you will become part of the family. The entry rank in the mafia is an associate. The highest status is the godfather/godmother. Different crime syndicates have other names for the crime boss, such as Czar /Czarina for the Russian mafia, Padrino/Madrina for the Latin mafia, etc.

Becoming A Confidential Informant

To collect evidence, you must become a confidential informant. You can contact the authorities and volunteer or become an informant when you get arrested by the police. If the police arrest you while in the mafia, they will offer you a chance to walk free, then have all charges dropped in exchange for information on members of your crime syndicate. If you reject the offer, you will face court and may get sent to prison if found guilty. However, when you accept the offer, you will get a deadline to collect evidence, and you must not get caught committing any crime during this period. Otherwise, your charges will get reinstated. After accepting all conditions, you will become an informant.

Collecting Evidence Against Your Family


As a confidential informant, you can track your progress above the notoriety stat. As you collect evidence against members of your family, the evidence stat will increase. Getting information against members with high ranks- especially the crime boss gives a massive boost to the evidence stat.

Note: to successfully snitch against a member, one should have a good relationship with the person.

Associates usually have a low relationship with everyone. The best way to improve this relationship is by increasing the notoriety and standing stats. It is advisable to increase your relationship before becoming an informant.

When you select the person you want to collect evidence against, scroll down till you find the snitch option. After selecting this option, if the evidence stat is low, you can close the app and reopen it, then try again. You can only collect evidence against a person once a year.

Once you collect enough evidence, the authorities will contact you and give you two destinations. Once you select the one you prefer, you will start a new life with a new name in the country, and your partner and children may come with you.