How To Change Your Characters Diet In Bitlife

When you start a new life, your character will unlock features of the game as they age. The mind and body activity will become available from age 6. At this age, you can only perform some actions on this menu. You will unlock more options when you age. This tab contains options that generally improve your attributes, such as health, happiness, smarts, looks, karma, discipline, etc. In the mind & body tab, the various activities you can perform are;

  • Acting lessons
  • Book
  • Diet
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Instruments
  • Library
  • Martial Arts
  • Meditate
  • Memory Test
  • Walk
  • Voice Lessons

Changing Your Diet In Bitlife

The diet option will become accessible when you are 18. After selecting it, you will get a pop-up to pick from seven different diets. If the one you want is not on the list, select the exit button and try again. You have to pay to go on a diet, and your bank balance will get charged each month. You can get a job to afford this payment. If you don’t want to work, you can murder your parents to get your inheritance. Once you have enough money, pick the diet you want. You can only go on one diet at a time, and the money will get deducted from your account each year until you stop it.

To change your diet, open the mind & body menu, and select the diet tab. You will get a pop-up of the diet, monthly cost, years on diet and the “give it up” option. Selecting this option will give you the chance to start another one. The different types of diet in Bitlife are;

  • Tapeworm: reduces health and looks
  • Paleo: decreases the looks and increases health
  • Nutrisystem: increases health
  • Keto: does not affect any stat
  • Hot Cheetos: has a drastic effect on health
  • Vegetarian: increases health
  • Vegan: reduces looks and improves health
  • Jenny Craig: improves health
  • Liquid: decreases health and looks
  • South Beach: increases health
  • Whole30: increases health and decreases looks
  • High Calorie: reduces health
  • Mediterranean: improves health
  • Weight Watchers: increases health
  • Atkins: reduces looks and health

The best ones to choose from are; Mediterranean, Jenny Craig, weight watchers, south beach, and vegetarian. There is an achievement for surviving 60 years on a Hot Cheetos diet (flamin’ hot). It is hard to complete because this diet deteriorates the health stat.

Benefits Of Going On A Diet In Bitlife

  • Preserves health and helps you live long: if you want to collect the achievements in the longevity category, you can go on a diet that improves your health like the Meditteranean diet. It is advisable to start this activity from the age of 70 to improve your health.
  • Helps in getting health up: if you get attacked by an animal or a person, you can improve your health by starting a diet.

Helps to reduce the damage done: if you are on a diet that maintains your health, it can reduce the extent of damage when you face a scenario that deteriorates this stat, such as detonating a bomb, encountering an accident, or getting attacked, etc.