How To Buy A House In Bitlife

You can own as many properties as you wish in Bitlife. Purchasing a house in Bitlife is a good investment because as long as it is in good condition, the value will continue to rise. You can make millions from flipping houses. There is no limit to the number of properties a character can have. You can also execute your will so that when you die, your children can inherit your houses. There are different types of properties you can own in Bitlife. The prices vary depending on the type and the condition. You may also purchase haunted houses, but these properties can cause more harm than good. When you exorcise spirits in a haunted property, you can make more money by selling the spirit-free house. There are other reasons you may need to purchase a home. Whatever the reason, this walkthrough will guide you on how to buy a house in Bitlife.

When you start a new life, you won’t have access to the finance tab until age 13. After age 18, you can shop for properties, vehicles, jewelry, and instruments. You can buy a house in the assets menu when you go shopping. You can buy a trailer, tiny house, bungalow, duplex, chalet, craftsman home, Victorian home, manor, castle, etc. When you select the one you want, you will get a pop-up displaying the price, address, size, age, monthly expense, monthly mortgage, and the condition.

If you’re interested in the house, you may buy it with cash or apply for a mortgage. You can only apply for a mortgage if you; have sufficient funds in your bank balance, or can pay for it with your job. When you purchase a house with a mortgage, you will pay monthly expenses and mortgage on the house. When you have enough money, you may pay off your mortgage.

You can perform different activities with your house, such as;

  • Gift: you may give your house to a friend or relative if they are old enough.
  • Party: this is an unpredictable activity as the party may be successful, or the police may show up.
  • Pay off: if you bought your house with a mortgage, you have the opportunity to pay when you have enough money.
  • Renovate: you can improve the condition of your house by renovating it. The cost of renovation depends on the estimated value of the property.
  • Sell: you can list your house on the market for a low price, medium, or high price.
  • Spirits: if you have a haunted house, you can view the spirits there and interact with them.

There are other ways to own a property without going shopping;

Starting life as a royal: you will naturally own a palace when you are born with a royal title. You can throw parties and renovate this property. You cannot sell it, and you may lose this property if they exile you.

Marrying someone with a property: if you date someone that has a house, you will share assets with them when you get married.

Buying a house in Bitlife is easy. When you turn 18, you can purchase a house by applying for a mortgage or buying with cash. You can also make a living by flipping houses. There are different houses you may own in Bitlife based on your budget. You can own haunted houses, trailers,  equestrian properties, castles, manors, acreages, etc.