How To Buy A Horse In Bitlife

There are different pets you can own in Bitlife. If you don’t have bitizenship, you can only rescue an animal in need from the shelter. With this premium package, you can buy a pure-bred cat or dog, an exotic pet, horse, turtle, gerbil, bird, snake, hamster, etc. If you want to purchase a horse, you may discover that you can’t access this feature. The reason is that you need a particular property to keep your horses. Once you own this residence, you will unlock the horse ranch, and you purchase as many as you want. This guide will walk you through the type of property to keep horses and how to buy them.

Creating Your Character

You won’t have the option to go shopping until age 18. Horses and properties are expensive in Bitlife. Therefore, it is important to be wealthy if you want to purchase this pet.

You can start life as a royal to accumulate enough money. With godmode, you can choose your royal title and a country with high pay. You may also randomise lives till you get one with a royal rank.

You can also get a job that gives you fame, such as a writer, professional athlete, musician, actor, model, porn star, reporter, etc. Some of these careers are high-paying, while others give you an avenue to make extra money with your fame.

Buying A Horse

Once you are 18 years, you will be able to go shopping. The types of properties that can accommodate horses are;

  • Farm
  • Ranch
  • Equestrian property

They are usually the first on the real estate list because of their price. They are worth between $500k-$4m. This price depends on the country and your bank balance. They are easy to identify because their icons indicate a building with grass around it. Equestrian properties have horses in their icon.

To purchase any, go shopping in the assets or activities menu and select a real estate broker. Look for the one you like and buy it. If the one you want is not on the list, you can close and reopen the game to refresh it. Another way to own a farm, ranch or equestrian property is by marrying someone with it.

Once you have your property, go to the pet option in the activities menu, and the horse ranch will be available. Open this tab, and you will get a selection of different horses. Choosing one will display its age, gender, colour, price, monthly expense, health, happiness, smarts, and craziness stat. You can even buy a newborn.  The cost differs according to the type of horse. The various kinds are;

  • Appaloosa: You can get one for as low as $30k.
  • Thoroughbred: these types of horses range over $100k.
  • American Quarter: the price range is between $60k-$70k.
  • Arabian: they are the most expensive breeds. They are worth over $200k.
  • Pony: these are the cheapest kinds. You can get one for as low as $15k.

After purchasing a horse, you can change its name if you want. It will appear in the relationship tab under the pets category. You can bathe, release, ride, sell, spend time with, treat, or take it to the vet.