How To Become President In Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulator allows players to occupy various leading positions like CEO, King, queen, and president. If you want to go into politics, you can run for school board director, mayor, governor, and president or prime minister. To join politics, you must purchase the politician job pack. You may choose your political party and platform. If you win, you must work hard to improve your approval stat. Becoming a president in Bitlife is tough. You must be extremely wealthy. This guide will walk you through how to become a president.

Starting A New Life

The first thing you need to become a president is money. You must have a sufficient campaign budget. It is advisable to start life as a royal because this is the easiest way to accumulate enough money.

Your character needs to have high smarts. If your smarts are low, you can improve this stat by reading books and visiting the library. You should live a crime-free life and avoid activities that may reduce your health, such as alcohol and drugs.

Applying To University

After graduating high school, apply to University and select English, finance, political science, criminal justice, or history. If you don’t find any of these majors, you may reset your game, age up, or switch to a previously saved life to refresh the list of majors. When you enroll in University, rush to a sorority or fraternity and join extracurricular activities to help you get a scholarship for law school.

Applying To Law School

When you complete university, apply to law school. Law school takes three years to complete. Once you complete this school, you may get a job in a lawyer career. You can become a politician without having to get a job as a lawyer. However, having experience as a lawyer will increase your chances of making the ballot.

Becoming A Famous Politician

You can get a job as a school board director, mayor, governor, or president. Not all countries in Bitlife have a governor and president position, and in some countries, the highest rank is the prime minister. If you have experience as a lawyer, you can run for the position of mayor and governor. The goal is to become a famous politician. To run for office, you need to have a sufficient campaign budget. You might need at least $100 million in your bank balance. Although you might get lucky and become a president on your first try without breaking the bank, it doesn’t happen often.

If you decide to run for a high position without experience, you might not make the ballot even after investing millions in your campaign.

When you become the governor, you will become famous.

Becoming President

When you become a famous politician, you can run for president. You don’t have to go bankrupt while running for office. You can make the ballot with less than a $10m campaign budget.

If you make the ballot, you must select your options carefully as it might affect the election result. Avoid treating your opponent harshly, taking alcohol, and the urge to use evidence against your opponent.  You have to choose reasonably to ensure you win. If you lose, you may work on your fame level and run for office again after four years. Unfortunately, you cannot cheat the elections by resetting the game. When you become president, work on your approval ratings to run for reelection.

Becoming a politician in Bitlife requires money and hard work. To become president, you must complete law school, run for any low-rank political career, become a famous politician, and win the presidential election.