How To Become King Or Queen In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you may decide to start a life as a commoner or with a royal title. Many countries have a monarch system in Bitlife. There are advantages of being royalty in Bitlife life, like getting accepted into any club or clique, being granted scholarships, and most importantly, earning money without working. As a royal, there are different activities you can perform in the royalty menu;

  • Relinquish your title
  • Mingle with the stars
  • Have someone executed
  • Choose how to be addressed
  • Support a new law
  • Cause some chaos
  • Perform royal duties

To increase your respect, you can support a new law and perform royal duties. Activities like execution and public disservice reduce the respect stat. If your respect stat is at the lowest, the public may revolt against you and exile you to a faraway land.

You can become a duke, prince, queen, or any royal status you desire. This article will guide you on the steps it takes to become a king or queen in Bitlife.

Not every country has king and queen titles. To become a king or queen, you need to select a country with these titles. Some countries with these titles are Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, etc.

You cannot start life as a king or queen in Bitlife because this is the highest royal status. You have to become a prince or princess to achieve any of this status. There are two ways of becoming a prince or princess.

With God Mode

As the name implies, God Mode makes the game easier to play. You can customize any character’s features. It is an in-app purchase that enhances gameplay. With God mode, you can give your character any attribute you desire. You can also customize your character’s hairstyle and color. God mode allows you to select any royal title you want. To become a king or queen, you have to choose the title of prince or princess. After customizing your character, you may now start a life. Once you start a new life, your character will have the status you selected.

Without God Mode

To become a prince or princess without god mode requires patience. Once you have selected the country you want to be born into, you have to pray to the Bitlife gods to choose a character with this royal title. If you don’t get this, you will have to keep starting new lives in the same country till the game selects one with this title. You may be lucky and get a character with the prince or princess title on your first few tries, or it might take some time before you get it.

Once you have started life as a prince or princess, the next step is to succeed your parents. You can do this the easy way or the hard way;

  • You may wait for your parents to die naturally and inherit the crown.

This process takes a lot of years to complete, and if you have elder siblings, they might inherit the crown before you.

  • You may murder your parents and sibling next in line for the crown.

This method is easy and does not take years to complete. With Bitizenship, you can hire a contract killer to perform the murders or murder them yourself. Make sure you don’t get caught by the police. If this happens, reset the game and try again. Once you carry out the murders successfully, you will succeed your parent and become king or queen.