How To Become An Exorcist In Bitlife

An exorcist is someone who forces or attempts to force a spirit or supernatural beings out of a person or a place. It involves performing a ritual of any kind. An exorcist may be a priest, monk, psychic, etc. A person can also get a job as an exorcist to expel spirits from a possessed person, object, or place.

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can get a job as an exorcist. This career is an active job because you can perform exorcisms on haunted properties. When you own a haunted house in Bitlife, you can view the different spirits and exorcise them. You may conduct an exorcism yourself or hire an exorcist. Hiring an exorcist is not as effective as performing it yourself.

To get this option, you must get a job as an exorcist. This article will guide you on how to get this job.

After graduating from high school, check the full-time job listing for the position of an exorcist. This job does not have any requirements and is usually at the bottom of the list because it is a low-paying job. If you don’t find it, close the game and reopen it to refresh the job list. You can also age up or switch to a previously saved life.

Once this job appears on the list, apply for it. You will get a pop-up of an interview. Choose the correct option to get the job. In this job, you can only get raises as there are no other positions after exorcist. When you work for 20 years, you will collect this career.

When you become an exorcist, you can perform an exorcism on a haunted property. Each property has a haunted and regular type.

The haunted version of a house is worth less than the normal one. There are different methods of owning a haunted house, such as;

Purchasing from a real estate broker: in the assets menu, you can go shopping and buy a haunted house. Not every shop will have one. Therefore, you might refresh the game a few times before you find one. It is advisable to have enough money in your bank balance as you might not find a cheap house. You can view the hauntedness of the house before purchasing it.

The hauntedness stat determines how many spirits will dwell in the house.

Marrying someone with a haunted house: when you get married in Bitlife, you will share assets with your partner, which includes their properties and money. While dating your partner, you can view their property and net worth by opening their profile in the relationship menu.

Being born with a haunted house: this method is common among royals. When you start life as a royal, you will own a castle or palace or a haunted one. As a royal, you cannot become an exorcist. You will only get the option to hire an exorcist on your haunted properties.

The friendliness and activeness stat of the entity determines whether you will perform a successful exorcism. When you successfully conduct an exorcism, you will unlock the begone achievement.