How To Become An Airline Captain In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can acquire three licenses, a driving license, a boating license, and a pilot’s license. You can take the driving test for free from the age of 15 to 19. If you fail this test, you will pay to retake it. The pilot test is the most difficult in Bitlife. Before you take this test, you must complete 40 hours of flying lessons. When you acquire this license, you can purchase helicopters, airplanes, jets, etc. You can also join the pilot career. This article will walk you through how to become an airline captain.

Having High Smarts

If your character has low smarts, you can read books and visit the public library. You can join extracurricular activities in high school to help you get a scholarship to study at the university.

Applying To University

After graduating from high school, apply to university and choose to major in engineering or any related course. If you don’t find engineering in the list of majors, you may reset the app or age up to refresh the list. When you get accepted, you may apply for a scholarship, ask your parents to pay or apply for a student loan. After enrolling, take part-time jobs to help pay for flying lessons.

Taking The Pilot Test

After graduating from University, you can start attending flight school. You must complete 40 hours of flying lessons to take the pilot test. You can find the flight school option in the licenses menu. You have to pay for each class you take. It is advisable to take one-hour lessons each because your character may die from taking 10 hours at a go. You may take the lessons anytime you want. It is not compulsory to finish taking all classes in one year.

After completing the 40 hours required, the pilot test will become available. You have to pay to take the pilot test. Therefore, you need about $10k in total. When you pass the test, you will get a pilot’s license.

Becoming An Airline Captain

When you get a pilot’s license, you can apply for the job of a pilot trainee. If you don’t find this position on the job list, you may close the game and reopen it or switch to a previously saved life to reset the job list. When you find the job and apply, answer the interview questions correctly to get the job. As a pilot trainee, you must work hard to increase your job performance. You can also increase your work hours to 50/week. If your job performance is high, you will get promoted to co-pilot. The top position you can occupy in the pilot career is as an airline captain. The job path of the pilot career is;

Pilot trainee – Co-pilot – Pilot – Airline captain

When you become an airline captain, you will unlock the airline captain’s achievement. You may earn as much as $100k in this position. When you work in a pilot career for 20 years, you will collect this career.

Becoming an airline captain requires commitment. You must attend university to join the pilot career.  After university, you have to complete 40 hours of flight lessons to take the pilot test. When you get a pilot’s license, you can apply for the position of pilot trainee and work hard to get promoted to an airline captain.