How To Become A Youtuber In Bitlife

There are five social media networks you can join in Bitlife such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and YouTube. You can become an influencer for any of these networks. When you acquire 200k-300k followers or subscribers, you will become an influencer. Also, when you surpass 500k on an account, you will become a social media star. As a famous person, you can perform activities in the fame tab, like writing books, doing tv commercials, and posing for magazines to get money. This guide will walk you through how to become a YouTube influencer.

The first step to becoming a YouTuber is to join this social media network. When you reach 13 years, you will have access to the social media tab in the assets menu. You can sign up for any network of your choice. After signing up for a YouTube account, you can perform different activities, such as;

Buy Subscribers: you can purchase as low as 100-5000 subscribers for less than $500. You can only buy subscribers once per year. Using this option is risky as your account may get suspended immediately or after some years.

Delete: when you select this option, you will lose all the progress you have made on your account. To use this network, you have to sign up again.

Monetize: you can apply to add advertisements to your videos when you reach 1000 subscribers on your account. When you get approved, you will earn revenue on your posts.

Post: there are different types of videos you can make on YouTube, like bitlife, challenge, dance, educational, gaming, haul, product review, vlog, etc. It is advisable to pick a specific video to post to avoid losing subscribers. When you post a video on a subject many times, the game will select that subject and make it easy for you to post videos. Your video can go viral, and you may earn more subscribers than usual. Going viral only appears at random. Becoming a Youtuber requires consistency. Thus, try to post at least five times every year.

Promote: you can only earn money by promoting products when you reach 1k subscribers. You can endorse different products, and the compensation depends on your subscriber count and the product type. You can lose subscribers if you promote an item unrelated to the videos you post.

Verify: you may request verification when you surpass 100k subscribers on YouTube. Your application can get rejected. If this happens, age up and apply again. When your account gets verified, you will have a blue tick and earn subscribers faster.

When your account becomes suspended, you can appeal by; threatening, writing an angry email, acting confused, and apologising. You can keep appealing till YouTube removes your suspension.

After you acquire 200k-300k subscribers on YouTube, you will become an influencer. Once you have 500k followers, you will become a social media star. Work hard to boost your fame stat by;

  • Posting on social media
  • Writing books
  • Posing for magazines
  • Doing TV commercials
  • Going on a talk show

You can also make extra money by performing activities in the fame tab.

Becoming a Youtuber in Bitlife requires consistency and patience. You must post videos every year to gain subscribers.