How To Become A Veterinarian In Bitlife

Do you love animals and love to take care of them?  Do you want to get the Veterinarian achievement? Or do you want to complete a challenge in Bitlife? This guide is a walkthrough on how to become a veterinarian in Bitlife.

Maintaining High Smarts

Becoming a veterinarian is easy. The first thing to do is make sure you have high enough smarts, above 80% to be on the safer side. There are different ways to increase smarts in Bitlife, such as reading books, visiting the library, and studying harder at your current level of education. The easiest option is reading children’s picture books. These books have lesser pages and give massive boosts to smarts.

Choosing A Major In The University

After secondary school, you can take some time off, apply to University, enlist in the military, or get a job. You may apply for a job or part-time job if your parents refuse to pay your tuition. This is a backup plan because veterinary school costs a lot of money.

Once you are ready to go to university, you have to apply to major in biology or chemistry.

If you don’t find biology or chemistry in the list of courses, you may close the app and restart it. This process will refresh the list of courses available to major in, repeat this method till you find either one. Another trick is by switching to a previously saved life and switching back.

Applying To Veterinary School

After graduating from University with high enough smarts, apply to veterinary school. If you are smart enough, you will be accepted to study to become a veterinarian. You may apply for a scholarship, ask your parents to pay for your tuition, apply for a student loan, or pay with cash if you are rich enough.

Getting A Job As A Veterinarian

Upon graduation from veterinary school, you may apply for a job as a veterinarian. The entry positions are junior veterinarian and veterinarian. The highest position you can occupy is the senior veterinarian. If you apply for the position of junior veterinarian, you need to work harder to receive a promotion to veterinarian and senior veterinarian. If you apply for the position of veterinarian you need to work harder to get promoted to a senior veterinarian.

During the interview, you need to answer the question by selecting the most reasonable choice. If the company denies you the job, you can apply to another company. Being denied a position by an interviewer will disqualify you from being accepted by the same company for another post. After working for 20 years, you will get the veterinarian career achievement.

Working as a veterinarian is one of the job positions that require high smarts. However, the process of becoming a veterinarian is easy. All you have to do is have high smarts of at least 80%, apply to major in biology or chemistry at the university, then apply to veterinary school. These are the steps involved in becoming a veterinarian.