How To Become A Pro Basketball Player In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can become a professional football, soccer, basketball, rugby, baseball, hockey, or volleyball player. Basketball is one of the highest-paying sports in Bitlife. With high greatness, you can earn as much as $30m every year. It is a promising way to accumulate wealth.

To become a basketball player, you must have high athleticism, good grades & health. Athleticism is one of the hidden stats, and the only way to view it is by selecting a sports team in the extracurricular activities menu. Improving your health is easy, but you might find it hard to increase your athleticism. This article will guide you on improving these stats to become a professional basketball player.

Selecting Your Special Talent

Some characters are born with high athleticism without sports talent. However, with god mode, you can choose sports as your special talent to give you high athleticism. You can also keep randomising lives till you get one with this talent.

Another way to increase athleticism is by:

  • Working out at the gym: you will unlock this activity at 12 years. You can go to the gym each year to improve your health too.
  • Going for walks: with this option, you can pick your pace and time. You can choose from 5 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Meditating: from age 12, you can unlock the meditation tab. When you meditate, you can view hidden attributes like karma, discipline, willpower, and fertility.
  • Practising martial arts: you can ask your parents to let you take martial arts lessons. If they agree, you can take classes till you earn the top belt. This activity has a massive effect on the health stat, and you can use a learned move to attack an opponent.

Becoming A Basketball Player

Once you start middle or secondary/high school, you can view your athleticism by selecting any sports team in the extracurricular activities. Your grades are also important. You can improve it by studying harder in school. Once all three starts are high, try out for the basketball team. If you get selected, practice harder twice every year.

After graduating high school, you may get drafted to go pro or get an athletic scholarship to study at University. If it is the latter, you will get this message after completing university.

Once you declare your eligibility to go pro, you will join a random team and move to the United States (if you are not a resident). After becoming an athlete, you must work hard to improve your greatness.

In the occupations tab, you can view your job details. The activities are league standing, performance enhancer, physical therapy, practice, retire, stats, surgery, trade, and train. To improve your greatness, you must work on your skills and fitness. The basketball skills are shooting, dribbling, passing, tricks, defending, rebounding, and celebrations. You can choose each skill and practice them once a year. If you sustain an injury, it will affect your overall performance. Therefore, if you get this pop-up, close the game and reopen it.

Once your greatness is high, your contract will increase, and you can lead your team to win the championship.