How To Become A Priest In Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulator allows players to make choices that impact their character’s life. Good deeds have positive effects, while bad intentions have consequences. You can live a life that involves killing people, stealing, cheating, and fighting. You may also live a holy life by avoiding criminal activities and doing good deeds. Jobs like nun, monk, and priest require you to be religious.

To become a priest, you must practice celibacy and avoid bad choices to get accepted. Becoming a priest takes years to achieve. However, if you continue living as a religious person, you will get this role. This guide will walk you through what it takes to become a priest in Bitlife.

Creating Your Character

The hidden attributes are one of the factors that help in getting this job. If you have godmode, you may give your character high karma, discipline, and willpower. The only way to check these stats after starting a new life is by meditating. However, this tab will be available from age 12.

Once you create your male character, keep ageing until you graduate high school. The key to getting accepted is by;

  • Being nice to people: you will get random pop-ups of your relatives, friends, classmates, and strangers. Always pick reasonable choices, compliment people, give good advice, offer to help in need, etc. Doing these activities will increase your karma, willpower and discipline.
  • Avoid fights: when someone argues with or bullies you, do not attack them. Fighting with siblings or strangers will reduce your stats.
  • Staying away from crime: stealing from people, robbing banks, murdering, or stealing cars will hinder your chances of becoming a priest.
  • Practising celibacy: do not engage in sexual activities like making love or hooking up with strangers. It is one of the sacrifices you must make as a holy person.
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs: do not go clubbing or take alcohol and drugs. Aside from developing an addiction, it will ruin your chance of getting into this career.

Becoming A Priest

After graduating from high school, look for the position of deacon in the full-time job listing. It is a low-paying job. Thus, you have to scroll down to find it. If it is not there, close the game and reopen it to refresh the list. Keep refreshing it until the job shows up on your list. Once it appears, apply for it and answer the interview question. You will get the job if you follow the above rules.

When you become a deacon, work hard to improve your job performance. It is the entry position in the priest’s career. Thus, you must have good performance to keep your job. Unlike other occupations, it takes many years to get a promotion. If you’re lucky, you might get it in 10-20 years.

Keep living as a saint, and you will get promoted to a priest. A cardinal is the highest ranking person in this career. The job path includes;

Deacon – priest – bishop – archbishop – cardinal

After working for 20 years, you will collect this achievement.