How To Become A Pop Star In Bitlife

There are various genres of music you can produce in Bitlife. To become a pop star, you must purchase the musician job pack to access this feature. The musician career is one of the numerous jobs that lets you become famous. As a pop star, you can release songs and albums, put on live concerts, embark on tours, write books, pose for magazines, appear on talk shows, etc. To join this career, you need high skill in singing. This article will guide you in becoming a pop star in Bitlife.

Selecting Your Special Talent

When creating your character, you can give your character a talent. To become a musician, you may select music as your talent. This talent helps you gain skills faster.

Taking Voice Lessons

From age 8, you can ask your parents to let you take voice lessons. If they refuse, age up and try again. You can take this lesson only thrice a year, after which the bar stops increasing. Keep taking voice lessons each year till your skill is high enough.

Taking voice lessons is free of charge before the age of 18. Once you are 18, if you still want to take courses, you will have to pay. You can take part-time jobs to help you pay for these lessons.

Becoming A Pop Star

When you graduate high school, the special career section will become available. In the musician job section, you can look for a band or audition as a solo artist.

Look For A Band

You have to choose a singer as the role you would like to occupy in a band. A band may offer you an audition for the position you picked. You can audition with them or turn them down if it’s not pop. If you have a successful audition, you will get the role.

Audition As A Solo Artist

You can select the career type you want. Select a singer as your career type. There are three record labels available. Whichever option you choose does not affect the outcome you receive after requesting an addition.

  • If they don’t grant you an audition, you may reset the game and try again.
  • If you get an audition and perform terribly, you can repeat the method above.
  • If you get an audition and perform well, the record label may offer you a contract to produce music in a genre.

There are different genres of music, rock, rap, pop, worship, country, rhythm & blues. You can only become a pop star if you get a contract to produce pop music. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the genre you want. Hence the one you get depends on RNG. If you get a contract to produce music in a genre other than pop, you may reset the game and reaudition. Repeat this method till you get a pop music contract.

When you get the contract, accept and sign it to receive an advance.

When you become a pop singer, you have to work hard to become famous. In the job menu, there are various activities you can perform. You can go on tours if you are famous enough. When your contract expires, your record label might offer you a new contract. Keep releasing singles or albums to achieve maximum fame.

The pop genre is one of the popular music genres. As a pop star, your songs and albums may get certified gold, platinum, double platinum, or diamond platinum. You can earn as much as 3 million in royalties a year if you have high popularity. Going on tours also pays well. To become a pop star, you must have high singing skills, then audition and sign a contract to produce pop music.