How to Become a Pilot in BitLife & Pilot License Test Answers!

A pilot is someone trained to fly and operate an aircraft. You can become a pilot in Bitlife by having the necessary qualifications and applying for a job as a pilot trainee. Becoming a pilot in Bitlife is not easy. Unlike most jobs on the job list, you need more than a degree to get a job as a pilot. You must attend flight school and pass the pilot test to get an interview for the pilot position. Going to flight school is not free. You need to pay for the lessons and to take the test. To take the pilot test, you must identify an image and select the correct option. Once you have your required degree and pilot’s license, you can get a job as a pilot. This article will guide you (in detail) on how to pass the pilot test and become a pilot.

Applying To The University

When starting a new life, you can customize your character’s smarts with god mode. You can also increase the smarts stat by;

Visiting the public library: you can go to the library from the age of 8. When you go to the library, the percentage at which your smarts increase will depend on the enjoyment stat. However, this option only gives a slight boost to the smarts stat.

Reading books: you can read different books based on your age, such as fiction, self-help, comedy, children’s picture books, etc. To read a book, you need to tap the pages on the screen. Reading books improve smarts faster than visiting the library, and you can read multiple books till this stat increases significantly. If you give a mouse a cookie, the giving tree and the communist manifesto have less than 50 pages each.

After graduating high school, apply to University and major in English, engineering, or a related course. If you don’t find any of these majors, close the game and reopen it, or age up to refresh the list of majors. After selecting your major, you may apply for a scholarship, take a student loan, pay with cash, or ask your parents to pay. If your parents are generous enough, they will pay your tuition. You can also adjust your parent’s generosity slider with god mode.

When you enroll in University, take part-time jobs to pay for flight school. You can attend flight school and take the pilot test while in University or take this test after University.

Attending Flight School

It is advisable to take part-time jobs at university to pay for flight school and the pilot test. When you have enough money and are ready to attend flight school, you can go to this school in the licenses tab. To take the pilot test, you must complete 40 hours of flight school. In the flight school tab, you may take a one-hour lesson or 10 hours. The cost of flying lessons is per hour. When taking classes, it is advisable to take one hour at a time as you may crash and die if you start with 10 hours at once. After taking one hour class multiple times, you may take 10 hours of lessons to complete the required hours. Once you complete 40 hours, you can take the pilot test.

Taking The Pilot Test

To take the pilot test, you have to pay a fee. After paying, you will get a pop-up asking you to identify an aircraft-related image. If you fail the test, you can close the game, reopen it and retake the test. When you pass the test, you will get your pilot’s license. With your pilot’s license, you can get a job as a pilot trainee. You can also shop for jets, helicopters, airplanes, etc. Jets and helicopters are expensive. Thus, if you want to purchase an aircraft in Bitlife, your character must be wealthy as they are also hard to maintain.

Pilot Test Answers

Knowing the answers to all the pilot tests in Bitlife will save you the stress of resetting the game when you fail this test.


Answer: Stop


Answer: Drag


Answer: Vertical Speed Indicator


Answer: Turn Right


Answer: Lift


Answer: Landing Prohibited


Answer: Elevator


Answer: Weight


Answer: Rudder


Answer: Altimeter


Answer: Airspeed Indicator


Answer: Cockpit


Answer: Roll


Answer: Continue Straight


Answer: Emergency Landing Only


Answer: Aileron



Answer: Heading Indicator


Answer: Land Cautiously


Answer: Thrust


Answer: Turn Left


Answer: Pitch


Answer: Yaw


Answer: Turn Coordinator


Answer: Attitude Indicator


Answer: The Six Pack

Becoming A Pilot

After getting your pilot’s license and graduating from University with a degree in English or engineering, you can apply for the position of the pilot trainee in the pilot career. You may not get this job on the job list. You may reset the game,  switch to a previously saved life, or age up to refresh the list of jobs. When you apply for this position and get an interview, answer the interview question correctly. If you fail the interview, close the game instantly and reopen it to re-apply for the job.

When you get the job as a pilot trainee, you must work hard to get promoted. You can work harder and adjust your work hours but pay attention to your stress level to avoid stroke or high blood pressure. You may also get work pop-ups which may affect your job performance.

As a pilot trainee, the next position you can occupy is the co-pilot. The highest rank in the pilot career is a chief pilot. The order of promotion includes;

Pilot trainee – Co-pilot – Pilot – Airline captain – Chief pilot.

When you become an airline captain, you will unlock the airline captain achievement. After working for 20 years in this career, you will collect the career.

There are some achievements you can unlock after getting your pilot’s license in Bitlife, like;

  • Extra leg room: take your own 747 on a vacation
  • Roswell: have an alien encounter
  • Nightmare: wake up from a nightmare
  • Airline captain: become an airline captain

Becoming a pilot in Bitlife takes dedication because you must attend university and get your pilot’s license. To get a job as a pilot, apply to University and major in English or engineering. You also have to attend flight school and complete 40 hours of flying lessons, after which you would take the pilot test. When you pass this test, apply for the position of pilot trainee and improve your job performance to become a chief pilot.