How To Become A Monk In Bitlife

A monk is a member of a religious community who separates himself from society and lives alone or with a group of other monks. Monks are unmarried and abstain from sexual relations. They train themselves to resist desires that can prevent them from achieving a spiritual goal. Only males can become monks. The female type of monk is called a nun.

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can live a peaceful life as a monk. Becoming a monk in Bitlife is similar to real life. You must refrain from sexual relationships and activities that will stain your purity. The monk career in Bitlife is low-paying. If you love to live luxuriously in this game, you will have to look for another source of income. There is also an achievement for working 75 years as a monk. This walkthrough will guide you on how to become a monk.

Living In Abstinence

After starting a new life as a male, you have to live carefully. Your choices will determine if you will get accepted to become a monk. You may also do positive deeds to improve your karma and willpower. Refrain from arguing and lying to boost your discipline. You must also abstain from sexual relationships, drugs, alcohol, and unreligious activities. You have to live as a monk before you can become one.

Becoming A Monk

When you graduate from high school, you can apply for the job of a monk. This job is somewhat rare to find. It is a low-paying job. Therefore, it will most likely be at the bottom of the job list. If you can’t find this job, you may close the game and reopen it or switch to a previously saved life to refresh the list of jobs. You can repeat this method till you find this job. If you abstained from sexual relationships, you would get an interview. Answer the question correctly to get the job. If you fail your interview, close the app and reopen it and try to apply again. When you get the job as a monk, continue to live in abstinence. You may increase your work hours to 50/week to maintain your job performance. This job does not increase your stress level. Thus, you do not have to worry about suffering from high blood pressure.

To unlock the ‘at inner peace’ achievement, you must work as a monk for 75 years. It is advisable to get a job as a monk immediately after graduating from high school or at 18-20 years to unlock this achievement before your character dies. You may go on the Mediterranean diet to maintain good health, perform good deeds, and avoid fights, as this lowers your health stat.

If they offer you an opportunity to retire and collect a pension, you have to turn it down. You won’t get fired if your job performance is high. After 75 years in the monk career, you will unlock the achievement.

The monk’s career is a peaceful one. To become a monk, you must refrain from drugs, alcohol, and sexual relations. After high school, apply for the position as a monk. After working for 20 years, you will collect the monk career, and after working for 75 years, you will unlock ‘at inner peace’ achievement.