How To Become A Model In Bitlife

There are four main stats in Bitlife, happiness, health, smarts, and looks. The fame, popularity, and respect stats come with certain status. These stats play different roles in Bitlife. Some jobs may require you to have high smarts, health, or looks. Being good-looking pays a lot. You can get a job as a model, and if you work hard enough, you will become famous. Unfortunately, males cannot become models in Bitlife even if they have perfect stats. If you want to become a model in Bitlife but don’t know where to start, this guide will walk you through the process it takes to become a model.

Having Good Looks

The first step to being a model is to have good looks.

If your character has perfect looks, you will have to maintain it by going to the gym, avoiding fights, and treating illnesses as soon as they appear.

With low looks, you may boost this stat by going to the gym every year and visiting the salon and spa. But if you want to see fast results, you can take part-time jobs from the age of 15. At 18 years, you should have enough money to pay for your plastic surgery. Since Botox is the cheapest option, you can get this surgery till the looks stat is at 100%.

To improve your chances, your happiness, smarts, and health stats should be above 50%.

Applying For A Job As A Model

Once you have completed high school and have perfect looks, you should apply for the job of a foot model.

This job is the entry position of the model career. If you don’t find this job on the job list, you may reset your app, or switch to a previously saved life, then switch back. This method will reset the job list. Repeat this trick until the foot model job appears on the list.

If your looks are high enough, you will get an interview. You have to answer the question correctly to get the job. After getting the job, you need to start working harder. You can also adjust your weekly hours in the job menu. Changing your working hours to 50/week should be fine.

Note – pay attention to your stress level. Red bar = heart attack.

The job pathway of the model career includes; Foot Model – Hand Model – Catalog Model – Lingerie Model – Runway Model.

The highest position in the model career is a runway model. The performance bar should be full to reach this position. If you are lucky, you may get promoted to hand model in the first three years. As you age, keep an eye on the job performance bar as it determines your promotion.

Becoming Famous

After a few years in the runway model position, you will become a world-renowned supermodel. As a famous supermodel, you can earn money by writing books, featuring in commercials, and posing for magazines. If you have social media, you may promote products for money. Doing any of these actions will increase or decrease your fame depending on the reception.

Having perfect looks is a requirement for becoming a model in Bitlife. After high school, you can apply for the job of a foot model and climb the ladder to becoming a world-renowned supermodel