How To Become a Mechanic in Bitlife?

You must have specific qualifications to apply for some jobs in Bitlife, such as medical school to become a doctor, law school to become a lawyer, ten years of experience to become a professor, etc. Some jobs don’t have any requirements, but they are usually low-paying, like cashier, sculptor, retail salesperson, mechanic, etc. To become a mechanic, you don’t need high smarts. This job is one of the careers you need to collect in Bitlife. This article will guide you in becoming a mechanic.

Becoming an auto mechanic in Bitlife is easy. After creating your character, age up till you graduate from high school. You may apply to University if you want, but this is not a requirement to get this job.

Open the job menu, and select the full-time job listing. On this list, you can apply for any job you want. The list generates randomly. Thus, you might not find the job you’re looking for unless you refresh the list. To refresh it, you can;

  • Close the game, then reopen it: This is the most common method of refreshing this job category. You can keep doing this till the job appears on the list.
  • Switch to a previously saved life: If the job you want is not on the job listing, switch to a saved life, then switch back.
  • Age up: This method is not preferable if you’re trying to complete a challenge. If you’re lucky, this job may appear on this list after the first year, or it may take some years before you get this job.

The two positions you can occupy as a mechanic are apprentice auto mechanic and auto mechanic. You can apply for either of the positions. When you get an interview, answer it correctly to get the job. If you choose the wrong answer, close the game and reopen it, then try applying again. After getting the job, work hard to increase your job performance.

As an apprentice auto mechanic, you must work hard to become an auto mechanic. You can improve your performance by;

Increasing your working hours: Pay attention to your stress level because you may suffer high blood pressure if this bar is red. When you increase your work hours, the performance stat will increase each year without working hard.

Working harder: This method is more stressful because you must work harder each year till the bar is at its highest.

Some choices can decrease the performance bar, such as asking your supervisor for a promotion, refusing to put in extra hours, etc.

After you become an auto mechanic, you will keep getting a raise when you age up.

The auto mechanic job is low-paying. Thus, you can’t accumulate wealth while working as a mechanic. You can engage in criminal activities to get more money, take a part-time job, marry a wealthy person, or wait for your inheritance money.

After working for 20 years as a mechanic, you will collect this career. There are various reasons you may want to become an auto mechanic in Bitlife. You can join this career after graduating from high school. You don’t need to have high smarts to become a mechanic. After applying, answer the interview question correctly to get the job.