How to Become a Mafia Godfather Every Single Time in Bitlife

Today we are going to learn how to become a mafia godfather every single time in BitLife. Make sure you pick the crime special talents if you have G-mod obviously, and if you don’t have it then you technically don’t need it. But it does make it easier if any of your crimes grow wrong then obviously you have the reset glitch, there is not much to do in the first years of your life just age up to like 15, 16, 17 where you can start doing some crimes. 

Things you need to do in order to become Mafia Godfather in BitLife:

  • Do crimes
  • Do hard work every single year
  • Do extortions
  • Increase notoriety
  • Do whack out.
  • Donate money to the family and report every single time.

Step 1:

Here we just stole a Nissan Altima at 17 years old.

Step 2:

And we are going to use that to do a drive-by on some random person, a random drag queen, pick your method as drive by, we do this because whenever we try to join the mafia, if you have a couple of crimes under your belt, they are more likely to accept you.

Step 3:

So, let’s just age up a year to 18. Now let’s go to occupation special careers and organize crime.

Step 4:

Join the mafia as for the method of picking do yard work. Let’s try to join and there we go, if it doesn’t work obviously, you have the reset glitch to make sure you don’t die.

Step 5:

Now once we are in the mafia make sure you work hard every single year, that just increases your standing a little bit.

Step 6:

But as for the crimes the main one that you want to pay attention to is extortion and honestly for the first few years it doesn’t really matter, because you just go extorts, make sure you whack them out.

Step 7:

Because the first thing you want to do with this is increase your notoriety and we are already in the green.

Step 8:

Here we did just two more extortions and whack outs in a row so we are almost maxed out on notoriety.

Step 9:

Now we have to do some more crimes and donate it to the family. We are going to contribute the full amount every single time in this life because we want to get promoted as fast as possible and always report to the family as well when they ask you to.

Step 10:

We already have a maxed-out notoriety and 50 standing within our first year in the mafia. Now age up and repeat the process unless you get promoted. So, at 23 years of age, we got our first promotion offer tap on agree to do it, select method push off the cliff and whack her.

Step 11:

Now take the oath.

Step 12:

And at age 24 we got our nick name Buzz James and here at 29 years old we got our second promotion

Step 13:

And after keep repeating the process at age 39 years we got promoted to underboss.

Step 14:

We have to now whack out the Godfather and without killing the other underboss here we go, we are promoted and we are now the Godfather of barsanti family at age 41