How To Become A Leprechaun In Bitlife

A Leprechaun is a supernatural creature in Irish mythology that grants the wishes of the person who finds him. It is a mischievous and untrustworthy being who keeps gold coins in hidden pots at the end of rainbows.

Another significant symbol of Irish culture is the celebration of St. Patrick’s day. It is an official cultural and religious public holiday in Ireland. This date marks the celebration of Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland.

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can get a full-time job after graduating high school. Some pay well, while some don’t. The highest-paying jobs in Bitlife are those that give fame, such as a royal, professional athlete, actor, musician, model, etc. However, you can become a leprechaun in Bitlife and earn up to $4m a year. This occupation has no requirements and doesn’t give fame. It is a full-time job. The only limitation of becoming a leprechaun is that it only appears on St. Patrick’s day. You might have been searching for this career and wondering why you can’t find it. It is because Bitlife developers bring this feature during St. Patrick’s holiday. Therefore, if you’re trying to accumulate millions by becoming a leprechaun at a random period of the year, you won’t find this job. However, this guide will come in handy on Saint Patrick’s day.

Creating Your Character

You don’t need any requirements to get this job. The country you live in does not matter. However, you can live in Ireland to honour the holiday. After creating your character, age up till you graduate from high school. You can also keep your stats at a moderate level. The four primary stats are;

  • Happiness: there are many ways to improve it, such as going to the movies, spending time with people, having conversations, and engaging in activities on the mind & body list.
  • Health: working out at the gym, taking walks, meditating, and practising martial arts will improve your health.
  • Smarts: you can increase this attribute by reading books, visiting the public library, scoring high on the memory test, etc.
  • Looks: going to the gym and visiting the salon and spa will boost this stat. If you’re looking for high results, getting plastic surgery is the best option.

Becoming A Leprechaun

Once you graduate high school, open the full-time job listing and check for the leprechaun job. It has a four-clover leaf icon similar to the heirloom. Because this occupation is rare, it might take time to find it. You can keep refreshing the list by;

  • Ageing: if you don’t find it on the list, you can age up and try again. However, this method is not the best as it may appear when your character is old.
  • Closing and reopening the game: you can reset the game by closing and restarting it. This method will refresh this job category.
  • Switching to a previously saved life: another way is to go to the main menu and switch to a previously saved life, then switch back.

Once it appears on the list, apply for it and answer the interview question. The starting salary is not high. But keep working harder each year, and you will eventually get promoted. After this promotion, you may earn as much as $5m each year. With this salary, you can invest in real estate and amass a high net worth.