How To Become A Governor In Bitlife

The politician career in Bitlife allows you to become a school board director, mayor, governor, and president or prime minister. To join this career, you must purchase the politician job pack. You must be wealthy to run for office. Therefore, it is advisable to start life as a royal or marry one to accumulate enough money to run for office. The highest rank you can occupy as a politician is a president, and this rank may take years to achieve. The next rank is the governor. When you win the gubernatorial election, you will become a famous politician. This article will guide you on becoming a governor in Bitlife.

Having High Smarts

When you start a new life, you might have high, moderate, or low smarts. Becoming a governor requires you to attend law school. To get accepted into law school, you must have high smarts. To increase this stat, you may visit the library, watch documentaries, and read books. Children’s picture books contain fewer pages. It is easier to improve your smarts stat at a young age than when you get older. Also, avoid bad choices as they may affect your chance of becoming governor.

Selecting A Major At The University

After graduating high school, you may apply to university and major in philosophy, English, criminal justice, political science, or finance. A degree in any of these majors will qualify you for law school. When you get accepted into university, you may join extracurricular activities and a sorority or fraternity to help you get a scholarship for law school. You can also take a part-time job if you don’t get a scholarship.

Applying To Law School

When you complete four years in the university, you can apply to law school. You will get accepted into law school if you have high smarts and a degree in English, criminal justice, philosophy, finance, or political science. After law school, get a job as a junior associate or law clerk. Joining the lawyer career will give you the experience you need to become a politician.

Becoming Governor

You might spend more money trying to make the ballot if you don’t have experience. Thus, you should have experience as a school board director, mayor, or lawyer.

It is easier to become a governor after becoming a mayor. After winning the mayoral election, work hard to improve your approval ratings. Doing this will increase your chances of becoming a governor. You may run for re-election after your first term as a mayor or run for governor.

To run for state governor, select your political party and platform. You can also adjust the campaign budget to your preference. You can make the ballot with as low as $1m. Always treat your opponents with respect and select reasonable options. Once you win the gubernatorial election, you will become a famous politician.

As a governor, you can improve your ratings by setting your political agenda, passing a new law, organizing a rally, making a speech, etc. After completing your first term, you can run for reelection. You can only run for the first and second terms as state governor.

To become a governor in Bitlife, you must;

  • Have enough money to run for office
  • Have high smarts
  • Study finance, English, political science, criminal justice, or philosophy at the university
  • Complete law school

Become a lawyer, school board director, or mayor.