How To Become A Fashion Designer In Bitlife

After graduating from high school, you can get a full-time job or go to university. Some jobs require a university degree, while some don’t. The fashion designer and tailor careers have the same icon but are different. You don’t need any requirement to be a tailor. To become a fashion designer, you must complete four years in university. However, it doesn’t specify what major to take. This article will guide you in choosing the right major to become a fashion designer.

Creating Your Character

You don’t need high smarts to become a fashion designer. However, you can keep it at a moderate level. With godmode, you can give your character an average smart or keep randomising characters until the game selects one with good stats.

If your character has poor smarts, you can increase it by;

Visiting the public library: you can go to the library each year. The enjoyment stat determines if this stat will improve. Using this option has little effect on your smarts.

Watching a documentary: once you unlock the movie theatre activity, you can watch a documentary. If this option is not available, age up and try again.

Boosting it: if your smarts stat is red, you will get an option to improve it. Selecting it will give you about 20% of this stat.

Reading books: you can read any genre of books in the mind and body tab. They vary from 22-3000+ pages. As you age, you will get more varieties of books to read. Children’s picture books have the least number of pages. The communist manifesto has below 50 pages. It also has a massive effect on this stat.

Applying To University

After graduating high school, apply to University and choose graphics design as your major. You may ask your parents to pay, apply for a scholarship, take a student loan, or pay with cash if you can afford it. If your parents have high generosity, they will agree to pay your tuition. After selecting your method of payment, you will get enrolled. If you live in Canada or the united states, you can try to join a sorority or fraternity. You will get an interview if you have high looks, smarts, and popularity. Joining a society may help you get hired on the spot.

Becoming A Fashion Designer

When you obtain your university degree, locate the position of jr. fashion designer on the job list. It has the same icon as the tailor’s job. If you don’t find it, close the game and reopen it. Repeat this method until it appears on the job list. After applying, answer the interview question correctly to get the position.

Once you get this position, work harder to improve your job performance. You can increase it by adjusting your work hours. The only roles in this career are;

Jr. fashion designer – fashion designer – Sr. fashion designer

As you get promoted, you will get a salary increase. You can get paid as much as $100k as a Sr. Fashion designer. After working for 20 years in this career, you will collect an achievement.