How To Become A Famous Writer In Bitlife

Many jobs do not require you to have a higher education before applying. In Bitlife, you can become a writer and, even better, a famous author. This career does not require any degree. After high school, you can apply for a job as a writer if your smarts are high enough. Becoming a famous author is easy. There aren’t many steps involved. If you are having difficulties achieving fame as a writer, this guide is for you.

Having high smarts

You can customize your character’s smarts with god mode. If your character has low smarts, the easiest way to boost smarts is by reading children’s picture books. ‘If you give a mouse a cookie’ and ‘ the giving tree’ has a massive effect on smarts and a lesser number of pages. It is easier to find these books when your character is still young.

Becoming A Writer

After graduating high school, you may apply for the position of writer. You won’t always find this job on the job list. You can reset the app by closing it and reopening it, or you can switch to a previously saved life, then switch back. Doing any of these options will refresh the job list. Once the writer job appears on your job list, apply for the position and answer the interview question correctly.

Becoming Famous

The writer job is the only position in the writer career. Once you get the job, you need to start working harder. You may increase your work hours, but pay attention to your stress level. If your stress level bar is red, you may suffer a heart attack. The performance bar needs to be at its highest. Keep aging till you receive the ‘famous’ pop-up. If you are lucky, you may get this pop-up in a few years or after 20 years.
Once you become famous, you will get the fame bar at the bottom of the screen. The fame bar is usually low after becoming famous. You can boost this bar by performing the activities in the fame tab or posting on social media.

Earning More Money

Being a writer does not pay as much as the actor or singer career. You can earn more money by;

  •  Books- your books might become a bestseller or an absolute flop.
  • Commercials- you can be paid as much as 2 million for a commercial. It depends on how famous  you are and your age. There is an achievement for getting paid $2m for a commercial.
  •  Photo Shoot – posing for magazines can also get you money and fame. Some magazines might require you to be nude, topless, or fully clothed. Your parents may argue with you if you go naked in a magazine. There’s an achievement for posing for wank magazine.

As a famous author, you will get random pop-ups of; paparazzi trying to take pictures of you and celebrities insulting you, which you may ignore or return the insult. Other careers that give fame in Bitlife are disc jockey, actor, reporter, and singer, to mention a few.