How To Become A Doctor Or Brain Surgeon In Bitlife

There are many careers you can explore in Bitlife. Some jobs require you to have perfect looks, health, or smarts. A career as a doctor requires you to have high smarts. Just as in real life, you need to complete medical school before becoming a doctor. As a doctor, you may get paid as much as $200k each year. If you are looking for one of the noble professions to join, becoming a doctor is worth trying. This walkthrough will guide you on how to become a doctor in Bitlife.

Maintaining High Smarts

The most important requirement of becoming a doctor is to have high smarts. You will not get accepted into medical school if you have low smarts. You need to have smarts of at least 80% because the doctor career requires a lot of brain activity. If your character has low smarts, you can boost your smarts by going to the library and reading books.

Selecting A Major At The University

After graduating high school, you need to pick a science-related major to qualify you for medical school. The accepted majors are biology, chemistry, and psychology. Having a degree in any of these courses is a requirement for becoming a doctor. If you don’t find these courses to study at the university, you may close the app and reopen it or switch to a previously saved life, then switch back to refresh the list of majors.
Once you start your university program, it is advisable to take part-time jobs as medical school is expensive. Getting a scholarship depends on luck, so if your parents are not generous enough, you will have to pay with cash or take a student loan.

Applying To Medical School

Once you have completed an undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry, or psychology, you need to further your education by applying to medical school. This school takes seven years to complete. If your smarts are high enough, you will be accepted. You also have to select how you will pay for medical school. Once you have chosen your method of payment, you will be enrolled.

Getting A Job As A Doctor Or Brain Surgeon

To become a doctor, you must have completed medical school with high smarts. You can now apply for a job in the medical field. In the job list, you will find different positions in this field, such as a physician, psychiatrist, therapist, and brain surgeon.
Getting a job in any of these positions will unlock the ‘become a doctor’ achievement.

After working for 20 years in a job, you will collect a career. Once you become a brain surgeon, you should work harder at your job. You will keep getting a raise as you age. Unlike some other jobs, the brain surgeon is the only position in this career. When you have collected the brain surgeon career, you may switch to another job in the medical field and work for another 20 years to collect that career.