How To Become A Detective In Bitlife

There are different jobs you can apply for in Bitlife. You may go down the path of fame, further your education after University to get a high-paying job or go for a low-paying one with no requirements. Some careers with position requirements are brain surgeon, therapist, magistrate, lawyer, professor, detective, college dean, trucker, etc. To become a detective, you must obtain a university degree and have ten years of work experience. Unlike the magistrate position, which involves going to law school and working for 30 years as a lawyer, the detective job is not straightforward. There are two methods of joining this career. This walkthrough will guide you on how to get this job using both techniques.

Having High Smarts

The first step is to make your character have high smarts. You can adjust this slider when creating your character if you have godmode. You may also start new lives until the game selects one with good smarts.

After creating your character, you can improve this stat by;

  • Reading books: there are different genres of books to read. When you select one, you will get a pop-up of the name, author, genre, and pages. To read it, tap the pages until you get a pop-up of your enjoyment stat. It is advisable to read children’s picture books because they have lesser pages.
  • Visiting the public library: when you go to the library, your smarts may increase. It is not as effective as reading a book or watching a documentary.
  • Watching a documentary: you can go to the movie theatre to watch a documentary. If it isn’t available, age up and try again.

It is also beneficial to have good stats in general. Keep your happiness, health, smarts, and looks in good condition.

Becoming A Detective

The methods of becoming a detective include;

Applying To University And Going To Law School

After graduating high school, apply to University and choose finance, English, philosophy, political science, or criminal justice as your major. You can join extracurricular activities and improve your grades to get a scholarship for law school.

Once you complete university, apply to law school. You will get accepted if you have good stats and any degree above. After completing law school, work as a lawyer for ten years, then locate the Jr. detective position on the job list. If you don’t find it, close the game and reopen it to refresh the list.

This method is stressful because you have to go to law school, and it may take time to find the jr. detective position.

Applying To University And Working For 10 Years

Once you finish high school, go to university and major in criminal justice.

After completing university, get a job as a trooper, Jr. policy analyst, crime scene technician, or private investigator. Work for ten years, then apply for the position of jr. detective.

You can also study finance or English at University and work as a stockbroker for ten years.

When you get the job, you can work harder each year or increase your weekly hours to get a good job performance.

After working for a few years, you will get promoted to a detective and then a Sr. detective. You will also collect this career after 20 years.