How To Become A Dentist In Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can recreate your life, someone’s life, or create a unique character. You can plan how you want your life to be or live in the moment. Upon completing high school, you may apply to the university, get a job, or live independently. After graduating from the university, you may apply for a job or further your education. In the education menu, there are different schools you can go to based on your qualifications.

To become a dentist, you will have to obtain a degree that qualifies you for dental school. Becoming a dentist in Bitlife is not as tough as it sounds. This article will guide you on becoming a dentist in this game.

Having High Smarts

Your smarts need to be above 80%. If your character is born with high smarts, you will have to maintain it. If your character has low smarts, you should consider going to the library or reading a book. Reading ‘the communist manifesto’ or ‘the giving tree’ or ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’ will increase your smarts. You may also take part-time jobs to pay for dental school.

Selecting A Major At The University

After high school, you can apply for a job, go to university, or take time off. You should apply to the university and pick chemistry or biology as a major. If you don’t find any of these majors in the list, you can reset the app by closing it and reopening it, or switch to a previously saved life, then switch back. Once you find the major you want, apply to the university and choose how you will pay for your tuition. If you get rejected for a scholarship or your parent refuses to pay your tuition. You can apply for a student loan. Once you begin university, you can take part-time jobs to help pay your student loan. As a student, you have to maintain your grades by studying harder at school. You can also rush to join a sorority or fraternity to help you secure a job or scholarship with ease.

Applying To Dental School

After graduating from the university with high smarts, you should apply to dental school. Enrolling in dental school is similar to applying to university. You will get into dental school only if you are qualified, which means you must have high smarts and a degree in chemistry or biology. Dental school takes four years to complete.

Getting A Job As A Dentist

When you have completed dental school, you need to apply for a job as a dentist. At the interview, you have to give the correct answer to get the job. Once you are employed, you will unlock the ‘become a dentist’ achievement.

As a dentist, you need to maintain your job performance to avoid getting fired. You can increase the performance bar by working harder, agreeing to put in extra hours at work, and selecting the correct options when you receive a job pop-up. After working for 20 years, you will collect a dentist career.

The dentist job pays well in most countries in Bitlife. To become one, all you have to do is have smarts of at least 80%, major in chemistry or biology at the university, apply for dental school and get a job as a dentist.