How To Become A CEO In Bitlife

Bitlife – life simulator offers various career opportunities for you to explore, whether you want to be an engineer, counselor, professor, or if you’re more business-oriented, a CEO. As a CEO, you earn a lot of money, and you occupy the highest position in the company.

Becoming a CEO in Bitlife is no easy feat. It takes effort and hard work. There are many steps involved in becoming a CEO, from starting as a business student to occupying the highest position in a company. This guide will walk you through all the steps to becoming a CEO.

Applying To University

Choosing the right major to study at the university is a necessity. After graduating high school, you may take part-time jobs to help pay for your tuition, or ask your parents to pay, If they are generous enough. However, you should apply to university as soon as you graduate because becoming a CEO takes time. If you have low smarts, you should consider reading books to improve your smarts. Once you are ready to apply to the university, pick a business-related major like economics, finance, accounting, and marketing. When you get accepted into the university, you may join a sorority to better your chances of getting a job. Although, sororities may reject you if you have low looks and smarts.

Applying To Business School

Once you have completed university, apply to Business School for two years. You can apply for a scholarship, ask your parents to pay, apply for a student loan, or pay with cash if you are rich enough.

Getting A Job

After graduating from Business School, you can now start on the path to becoming a CEO. In the job list, you have to apply for a corporate job.

Corporate jobs are the only jobs that allow you to become a CEO. There are various reasons an employee may not grant an interview:

  • If you have a criminal record
  • If you are not qualified for the position
  • You have been fired from the same company.

After selecting the job of your choice, you have to answer the interview question reasonably, or else you will not get the job.

When you have gotten the job, you have to start working harder to improve your job performance and get promoted. After working for 15 years, your company might naturally promote you to Assistant Vice President, or else you may have to apply for the position under the job list.

Becoming A CEO

As an Assistant Vice President, you have to work harder to get promoted to CEO, which takes years to acquire.

The job path of becoming a CEO is:

Assistant Vice President – Vice President – First Vice President – Senior Vice President – Executive Vice President – Managing Director – CEO

Once you have a high job performance, keep aging to get promoted. At the age of 60 and above, your company may ask you to retire and start taking a pension. You have to decline. Keep the performance bar at its highest in order not to get fired. You may also go on the Mediterranean diet to preserve your character’s health.

Immediately you get promoted to CEO. You will get the ‘become a CEO’ achievement. After working for 20 years, you will collect the CEO career.